Monday, October 20, 2014

The Italian Festival - Seattle Center

The Italian community is upset that the Seattle City council is considering eliminating Columbus Day and replacing it with Indigenous Day

Our first time t sit through a complete cooking show.

Then the competitive Grape Stomp

They put a overflowing crate of grapes into each barrel.

The MC Hypes up the crowd.

All the Audience seated on the front row had to retreat See it here:

The last minute is spent trying to get the juice through the tube to the big container.

The winners.

Whole lota stompin goin on.

This guy was not Italian but he could sure make some tasty Ravioli


This Lady was the real Deal She is from Sicily and only spoke Italian, the guy on the left did his best to translate.

Alfa Romeo logo

Image result for lamborghini

This is the first Cultural Festival that had a dog show!

The Cirneco dell' Etna The Primitive Bed Warmer

Italian Water Dog

Tired Italian Dog

Italian Grayhound "Cirnechi"


That Magician puppet is cutting that female puppet in half


Italian Strings

The Jr. Pizza dudes get their hands floured up

mash it push it

Toss it

Toss it Higher!

The Italian Festival - Seattle Center

"Italians continue to arrive in Seattle, of course. During the recent World Cup tournament, Italian 
immigrants formed a large and vocal group in local bars and cafes, where soccer games blared 
on big-screen TVs. And they can frequently be found at Tutta Bella in the morning, drinking 
espresso and chatting with the barista, 22-year old Giovanni, who hails from Rome. When Cory 
Pizutto’s sister (who lives in Italy) brought her Sicilian fiancĂ© in for a morning espresso, 
Giovanni asked how long he’d be in town, then scoffed at the answer. “Two weeks? That’s what 
I said. It’s been four years.” " There must be a significant Italian populaiton in Seattle and I found this article that has the history

We missed the Italian Fest last year because big "D" was just born and we were all so busy it is now just a blur. Like all the festivals this one was full of music, food, and art but they added a few events that we have not seen in any of the others: a puppet show and a Dog Show. They also had one of the best events for the kids, a giant pizza toss, the parents and kids were all having a great time.
We spent most of our time at the Chef Cooking demonstrations which were great since you got free tasting of their cooking. Right next to the chef show was the grape stomping competition which was great fun to observe from a distance, if you were in the front row the grape juice splashed.  

The building controversy over Columbus Day caught us a bit surprised. Being retired Public School Teachers from Austin Texas Columbus Day was a chance to get a little history in but the locals here in Seattle see Columbus in a much different light. We have heard him accused of Genocide and a Mass Murderer. The indigenous in the PNW are respected way more than those native Indians in Texas and anywhere on the East coast. But it turns out several communities and even states have ended Colmbus Day and celebrate the alternative Indeginous Day see:
The poor Italians are petitioning to get their Holiday Back but it is easy to see it is gone forever here in Seattle for just a few reasons stated here:
It's funny, I never realized Italians thought this was "Their" holiday, I thought is was an American thing? I think if they want to celebrate the Explorer who discovered America it should be Leif Erikson, possibly one of my Ancestors! He beat Columbus by a long shot :

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