Tuesday, October 14, 2014

September in Seattle

A remarkable number of absolutely clear days in September with not a cloud in the sky is pretty unusual for Seattle, but it certainly defined September 2014

Stepping the main mast on Admirable

I started to volunteer my help but thought I would probably be just in the4 way.

Segway tour of West Seattle was my first Segway ride. I highly recommend Segway tours if you have never done one. I plan to do one more somewhere. 

first we went way down, down , down to Alkie Beach, then up, up, up to this observation point at a small park.

Those Segways are tough!

Closing out September with a Monday Sail and this first September rain was just enough to creat a fine rainbow.

The California Sea Lions have returned see http://youtu.be/BS3cxL3XT9A

Drew discovered that his Robots liked the Microwave

The sub floors were all concrete then it turned to all steel construction from street level up, I was amazed at how fast this building was going up.

The crane lifting a pre-built numbered section of steel. Just as soon as this section is lifted to the top the steel workers bolt it in place and then quickly move to the next section, welders follow behind
Then one just across the street with all steel construction was going up even faster, this is a Amazon building and I learned later that Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon) worked closely with the builders to develop a assembly line like process to speed up construction. Notice this building has Two construction cranes allowing the crane operators to deliver the pre-cut steel to the iron workers at a faster rate.


Mindy Ross is in charge of the Youth saling program at The Center for Wooden Baots and she is an awesome instructor for young kids. When I have time I like to stop and see what they are up to.

After some sailing on the water they go back to the drawing board to debrief and refine their skills.

Always an Interesting Wooden Vessel in theneighborhood

Lots of similar cloudless sunsets in September

She is a Beacon at night.

September 21 was a Sunday and a Seattle Seahawks VS Denver Broncos Game. Not a soul was on the streets during game time, and then all of a sudden this parade comes marching by. It was a Demonstration against pollution causing climate change see: http://350seattle.org/ You can see a short clip I took at http://youtu.be/wR3Z_1SZeIk I was surprised they picked this time and day for a parade since everyone who lives in the entire State was either at the game, in a bar watching or at home having their own Seahawks party.

The Official date of Fall is September 22 but Nature could not wait.

Even though the trees started turning early, the late summer weather continues well into October.

Drew sporting his Seahawks colors.

The Brothers Peaks showing just a bit of snow left at the end of summer.

September included several Ferry trips.

September is when the locals get out and go cruising, they are glad the tourist have gone home leaving the destinations to the locals, the winds are generally better as well in September.

Keep Dreaming

September in Seattle

The only thing Different was there was not as many 80+ degree days, most were in the 70's and the primary difference was the huge number of cloudless days in September. Not a bit of rain in Seattle till the closing days and that was just a couple of days of light rain. First Day if Fall September 22nd and someone flips the Season switch up here, all of a sudden no more 80 degree days and the lows drop from the 60's to the 50's. This Season thing is just weird to a Texan.

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