Sunday, January 5, 2014

Round About Thanksgiving Seattle 2013

We found time for a second sail on Lake Union, the houseboat beind the Admiral was used for the movie " Sleepless In Seattle", later we rented it on the Kindle Fire, we both got teary eyed......

Cool CWB vessels on the lake

The Cutty Sark Lake Union Style

Our Grandaughter Liv visited us and we all got to go to the American Girl Doll Store

The Admiral made sure our artsy 2nd grade grand daughter had some art activities. She cleverly shared them with her new cousin, then.....

So she made a Monkey of him!!

The huge pumpkin Carving at the MOHI docks 

The Admiral and I got this once in a lifetime opportunity to see Keith Jarrett and his Jazz Trio

I finally got to go in a Trader Joes, I picked up some 2buck chuck but it was like $3.79

We tagged along on our daughters quarterly pilgrimage to Woodinville and stopped to get a pic at the Christmas tree farm.

Our Thanksgiving assignment was to go to the Gluten free bakery and pick up the biscuits and dessert. 

Three different companies utilize this community kitchen for their baking business, we were customers of Nuflour Bakery: We picked up the biscuits, pumpkin pie and we got lucky and they had one extra gluten Free Apple pie that we snatched up. 

Straight from the Source!

Thanksgiving had clear skies and a foggy Sound.

Carving for the Family

Taking notes from his Dad as he was kicking back in the Baby Bjorn

A Yeah Buddy!

Seattle Style
Round About Thanksgiving Seattle 2013

It is not enough that we have temporarily moved 2,500 miles from our home waters and we have dedicated this next leg of the journey to our incredible to our grandson Drew.  Our children are also considering major career changes from Seattle to Austin. Can't we take this one at a time in stead of everyone making the move all at the same time? Why do parents worry about their 35-40 year old kids? Who the heck worried about us when we were making those big life changes? 
Does not matter anyway they are all  way successful and they will continue to be so enjoy today then tomorrow wherever you are. And that is just what we are doing round about Seattle. Another thing is that if you have never lived in Seattle then you have a completely distorted view of the weather up here. Most of the U.S. gets hammered by the fronts that roll 1st through Seattle as just little baby events. If you live anywhere South of St. Petersburg, Fl you are in good shape for the winter. But you might be a whole lot better off in Seattle otherwise! I know it sounds crazy but we are just not experiencing any thing like what is going on in Texas and certainly not like the Midwest all the way East!. 
So that means we have had a great November and Thanksgiving in Seattle. The waters of Puget Sound are like a Heater for Seattle since the water temps stay in the 40's, the Olympics create a rain shadow for Seattle so the bulk of the rain skips Seattle and then dumps lots of snow in the Cascades and just grows into winter machines marching across the U.S.
My son brought our second grandaughter to Seattle on an awesome visit,got to check out the American girl Doll Store,  we sailed Lake Union, learned how to take Baby Drew on walks and celebrated his three Month birthday (Major milestone for baby, parents and grandparents). Then it happened right here in Seattle.
For the first time in our Married Lives our children hosted the Thanksgiving Dinner. Gluten Free, Organic and incredibly special.

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