Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Elliot Bay and Shilshole Marinas

Elliot Bay Marina
One Foggy Morning I went to check out Elliot Bay Marina http://www.elliottbaymarina.net/

I counted well over 1100 slips on the marina map and I could not find any empty slips, A sea of Mast and Heaven for a rigger. It seemed that just over half were sailboats and the rest motor vessels, No Live Aboard's.

The South breakwater was just across a channel from a huge fishing fleet and the cruise ship terminal.

A 225 meter Bulk Grain Carrier anchored just outside the breakwater

Upstairs is the Palisade Restaurant which we hear is one of the best in Seattle for Seafood, http://www.palisaderestaurant.com/ Gotta put it on the list.

The Seattle Yacht Club Located on Portage Bay has a Outstation here

Seems the Seattle Yacht Club has a long reach around the Elliot Bay area

Just an example of the 12' tides in the area.
Shilshole Marina
This is where we hauled out Wand'rin Star for the Survey at the boat yard on the South end of Shilshole Marina

Different style crab boats up here

Over 1400 slips here and since this is one of the only Live Aboard Marinas I inquired on typical waiting list times. About 6 months for a Live Aboard spot as only 300 are allowed. They had a a 50' slip available now but it would be 4-6 months to get a 45' slip. 

I have never seen so many mast and where Corpus Christi Marina has around 550 slips and sailboats share the marina equally with power vessels, here it appears to be about 80% sail.  

Long way to the Land based Head!

The Corinthian Yacht Club lives at Shilshole.

Yes as a matter of fact I do. Steakley was derived from Steek Ley. Steek meaning Cattle and Lay meaning Pasture, in other word my ancestors were Cattle rustlers, Norsemen who sailed the English coast and stole cattle, hence Steakley's. 

My Leader

Big Marina office and facilities with boat chandelier's on site

Of course there was a Sea Dragon here

One of the remaining trees that survived after clearing a parking lot for over 1400 owners. 

The Corinthian Yacht Club House reminded me of Bay Yacht Club in Corpus, it's on a floating barge. 

All the gangways have to allow for the big tidal changes.

I wonder if their barge leaks?

The Northeast entrance to the marina

Very long breakwater and inside channel serving the docks.

The breakwater is well over 12' high. On very windy days (50-60 mph gust) I have seen the waves crashing to the to the top

On the North end looking back to the South ...count the mast!

You never know often the skies get clear in the late afternoon and you get great sunsets. 

Then an awesome set of Pastel colors

Elliot Bay and Shilshole Marinas

Elliot Bay Marina
has over 1,100 slips and a waiting list for most of them depending on the size of vessel.This is the classiest marina I have seen in Seattle, very clean, a very professional staff and 1st class all around. Everything about this marina had a good feel to it. Since I take good care of Wand'rin Star I appreciate others who do the same. IN fact I have never seen a derelict vessel sitting neglected anywhere we have been in the PNW. Every vessel here is obviously well cared for. It did not take me long to realize there were no live aboards at this marina and if we bring Wand'rin Star up here we would certainly be live aboards even if not full time. We had heard about the Palisades Restaurant as being the place in Seattle to eat Seafood and it was cool to find it here at this marina so I hope to get the Admiral back here to enjoy that for sure. One of the cool things to do in the Summer is go to the "E" Hotel Bar for happy hour as it looks out onto Elliot Bay, lots of sailboats emerge from this Marina for a Thursday Regatta so I assume it is a Seattle Yacht Club event since they have a large contingent of members here with an Outpost. It was just a short 15 minute drive from where we are currently living.

Shilshole Marina has over 1400 slips and of course a waiting list for most. 300 of the spaces are set aside for Live Aboards which is about 21%. This is another incredible facility and the number of sailing vessels there are almost staggering. It is definitely a heaven for those who provide boat services like riggers, divers, etc. There is a 6 month waiting list for the live aboard spots. In Corpus the live aboard's also have a wait list but they are just 10% or about 50 in number. Thinking about being part of a community of 300 is a bit overwhelming. This would be a huge difference in almost everything we experienced while cruising except out time in Boot Key Harbor, Marathon, Fl. You simply can not compare an environment like Marathon with Seattle, they are at Polar Extremes. So I am a bit concerned about entering such a large community. Sailing is about leaving rules behind, the more humans involved the more rules there are. Condo living is very convenient for the moment but there are a LOT of rules in a big condo building, the same goes for any large community where the population is dense. The bureaucracy is forced to write rule after rule to accommodate large populations. But you never know till you try it so if Wand'rin Star came to Seattle this might work out.

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