Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Inside the Drip Line

Here you can see how the dripping water over years and years has etched the sidewalk

The drip line on the sidewalks run along the awning overhangs on all the Seattle buildings.

If you need to cook some Mexican recipe you come to this little Mexican store right next to the Original Starbucks in the Pikes Market area.

You can also find fresh free range Eggs in the Pikes Market

My second time to cook Migas for the Seattle Family..I know the Secret

Volunteering at the Seattle Symphony's Sound Bridge for Kids 0-12

I wasn't sure if I wanted to be around a bunch of pre-school children but I had a great time showing them how to make their own Harmonica (kazoo like) instrument with sticks, paper strips and tape and rubber bands.

The downtown Seattle Art Museum (SAM) had a Free night

The Exhibit was past, present, and future women's Japanese Fashion but cameras were not allowed, this is the Lobby area of SAM

Shortly after we got to Seattle the Sounders were playing Portland, a big rivalry. Russell said we had to see it so he got the tickets and I got to experience the best Soccer experince in the US. I never thought I would live to see a MLS game like this in my lifetime in the US. 

67,000 Fans in an incredible Stadium and atmosphere.

The international Fountain showing off a rainbow

Images projected on the International Fountain accompanied with Techno a Music

The Best Damn Happy Hour held once every month is not to be missed.

Grab your favorite beverage and Game

We even played Rock'em Sock'em

A new Cultural Fest every month, this is the Thailand Fest

The Hawian Fest

There is a large Hawian population in Washington

The Fest take up the whole armory as well as a big area outside 

Jake and Jenny met us at th "E" a great Happy Bar on the water front. They were just back from a Alaska Cruise.

We ate fine Happy a Hour food and caught up on Texas and Aladka

Jake bought the tickets so I got my first trip up the Space needle, is was blowin and rainy a bit so the outdoor observation was closed, this is downtown Seattle

Lake Union wher I do my Volunteer Sailing Instruction at the Center for Wooden Boats

Queen Ann 

My son and youngest granddaughter are coming in November so we will save this ride till then.

Heated Storage? Never n Texas

Odd Seattle (is known as Wierd Austin's Sister City

Ever heard of a Growler? You either buy or bring in your own Growler, a half gallon glass Jug and fill it up from the Beer Taps. This growler station is in a Bartells Drug Store next to one of the Amazon buildings.

We see this Schooner out on Elliot Bay several times a week

We were very excited to see one of our long time favorites at the Benaroya Hall, the best concert of our combined lifetimes!

Just Like any great body of water, a different scene every moment

Inside the Drip Line

When you are walking in the rain in Seattle you sometimes have a choice to be inside or outside the drip line. It is drier Inside since you are walking under the numerous awnings of the buildings you are traveling by. You just do not want to walk directly down the drip line since this is where the big drops fall. Well over a 100 years of dripping etched the sidewalks. It is clear to know which of the sidewalks are the oldest, they have the most etching. Often you can not be inside the drip line since it is already full or a restaurant has reserved the space for their outdoor tables. It is not even the rainy season yet since it is fall and you can have almost as much sun as rain. We are hearing from the locals that beginning sometime late November through May the sky's will be gray, when the sun does come out even if it is just for 15 minutes everyone comes out to gain some vitamin D . 

Seattle VS Austin
Austin and Seattle are known as Sister Cities and definitely Seattle has a laid back and progressive culture similar to Austin's. It is just that Austin is known as Keeping it Weird and Some have stated that Seattleites are Peculiar. 
I did a little research and learned Seattle's annual rain fall is about 39" a year, well Austin, TX's annual rain fall is just over 37". The Difference is Texas gets their's by way of a few floods, here in Seattle it is a slow mist or sprinkle so it takes 5-6 months to get that 39". I was also interested in the population of Seattle since it seems so dense in all parts of Seattle, even those neighborhoods with lots more single family homes than condos. I was surprised to learn that Austin has over 200,000 more people. Then I checked out the Area of the City limits and leaned Seattle is built on just over 140 Sq. Miles and Austin has over 225 Sq. miles so the population is spread out. Furthermore the Metropolitan area of Austin is 1.8 million where the Seattle Metro area is 2.25 million so the crowds are on all sides of Seattle as well where in Austin with all the space in Texas things start spreading out even more as you drive outside the Austin City Limits.

Seattle has the benefit of being a true international City, yeah Austin has some small communities of Asian, Europeans, Eastern nationality's and Large Central and South Americans. Going to the monthly cultural Fest held at Seattle Center exposes the huge numbers of Europeans, Asian, Mid East and Eastern nationality's here in Washington. Seattle even has a considerable Hawaiian population as we learned that Hawaii is the same to the West Coast as the Caribbean is to the Gulf coast states. Living in such a city Rich with International flavors really enhances the experience. So many more ways to learn and enjoy the city.

Music is huge in Austin and we are finding out Music is a pretty big part of the Seattle lifestyle as well. We checked out their annual festival BumberShoot by walking through Seattle Center to hear the sounds. It is a three day event with a pretty Impressive menu cooked up on three stages and several indoor Venues . We also volunteer at the Seattle Symphony which is a World Class Act. We have worked at the Sound Bridge helping assist children 0-12 and their parents with the activities going on and assisted in making musical instruments with them. We have usher a few Symphony's and worked he free day long Day Of Music event. Volunteers earn free Symphony tickets and discounts on events using the Symphony Halls. We used the discount to go see the Kieth Jarrett Trio. We have been listening to the solo Kieth Jarrett since our 20's so we knew this would be a great for us. It turned out to be the best concert we have ever attended . There were 2,500 others in the audience who were here in Seattle to kick off a 6 weeklong Jazz Festival .


We are Burnt Orange Longhorn Fans but central Texas can not compare with all the sports here in Seattle. Besides their Washington State Football they have the Super Bowl contenders SeaHawks and more impressive to me are the Seattle Sounders. We had bRely been here a week when my son in law Russell said "Steve, I think we have to go see the Sounders play Portland" at that moment he bought tickets and the next evening we were walking through downtown, through Pioneer Park and into Century Link Field with 67,000 other Sounder/Portland fans. I witnessed the most spectacular MLS soccer match ever held in the USA. I never thought I would live to see such passion in the US at a soccer match, I had a great time and I think the MLS is on the verge of developing Premier level games in the US.

We have barely scratched the surface after living here for just over two months. Our attention has turned fully to helping raise our now 1 month old Grandson. The father has returned to work so we are taking up the slack. It is quite amazing to see this baby grow and develop daily. We are very fortunate to participate and provide the support so the mom and dad can be incredible parents. They certainly did their research well and are well stocked with all the aids, tools, and knowledge so critical to being prepared to having a newborn infant in you care. The rest is taught to us all by the baby, he is instructing all in the fine details. I am sure normal sleep patterns will return to us all in just a few short months. I will continue to volunteer at The Center for Wooden Boats and meet the Admiral at the Symphony for little fun getaways. And perhaps with little Baby Drew's permission we will still explore Seattle from Inside OR Outside the Drip Line.

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