Monday, October 28, 2013

1889 Tugboat: Arthur Foss

1889 Tugboat: Arthur Foss :

This Wheel came up to my neck

I have always wanted to operate one of these.

Heavy steering Gear behind the wheel

Ist time I have seen the Red and Green besides the compass, is this functional or is it just a reminder?

Communication to the engine room

Steam Heater in the Wheel House

Captains Quarters located just aft of the Wheel House

The lastest Technology Radar was added on what date?

You had to put your face down on the view finder to see the radar screen

Was converted from Steam to this Huge 6 cylinder Diesel
Guages for everything but what about the missing 2?

I hope Yanmars run as long.

Notice the RPM

Just one of the 6 cylinders

A long narrow catwalk between the engine room and crew quarters in the bow. 

Always Ready!
1889 Tugboat: Arthur Foss

The Center for Wooden boats has several work boats that either the last one of it's kind on the planet or one of the last two remaining with the sister ship somewhere far away.

The tugboat Arthur Foss is a heritage vessel, museum ship with public programs, and platform for public service.  In 1989 the vessel was declared a National Historic Landmark by the National Park Service.
Steam Tug: Built in 1889 as the Wallowa to tow sailing ships across the Columbia River Bar and into the Columbia River, the Arthur Foss enjoyed a long and storied career before making her way to Northwest Seaport. In 1898, she joined the flotilla of vessels bringing miners and supplies to Alaska during the Klondike Gold Rush, then came to Puget Sound to tow logs to sawmills.
Just thinking that these old Wooden tugs performed the same type of work as all the modern day Steel and Highly powered Tugs with all the electronics and technology 2013 has to offer is amazing. I am sure the men crewing aboard these vessels were pretty damn tough. Sometime in the Mid 30's she was converted to Diesel. Each of these vessels the Wooden Boat Center has taken on to restore and maintain in there living museum has a foundation set up to raise the necessary funds and recruit volunteers to keep the history of these vessels very much a part of the PNW boating and Maritime culture. See the whole story at .
Currently the Tug is used for several kids programs like Tugboat Storytime. I watched as dozens of young kids and parents filled the aft deck to here tugboat stories read aloud by a Volunteer. This week they are having a Pumpkin Patch on the aft deck. The Center for Wooden Boats has fun for all ages.

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