Monday, September 23, 2013

The Theo Chocolate Factory Tour

The Cocoa Beans are transferred from the tow sacks to these large plastic drums and are marked with the country they came from. 

The beans go into a hopper and sucked into the big roaster where they are heated above 250 degrees to get the hulls to crack. 

Then they go by conveyor belt to the cracken machine.

Hear you can see the chocolate nibs separated from the hull. .

The cracked hulls and nibbebbs are loaded into the next hopper to separate the hulls

The nibbs are moved to the next stage where they are loaded into another hopper and sucked into the mills. 

The mills flaten out the nibbs and produce sheet of  raw chocolate

Other containers with chocolate ingredients, notice the Liquor tank is the largest!

Here the mix is rolled out like the pic our tour guide is holding below.

They have holding tanks for all the ingredients like this Organic Suger.

It all gets cooled down before entering the kitchen with all the chocolaters making the final products.  

Godd news you get 10% off after the tour.

Chocolaters making specialized confections with marshmallow 

A mighty fine taste for the tourees

last stage, packaging the product

And to think the cocoa beans start their journey from the farms in faraway places on the backs of bikes like this one on it's way to your mouth. 

The Theo Chocolate Factory Tour

We had barely been in Seattle a week when we were sent on an errand to PCC market in Freemont to get our daughter some groceries. She had bought us a Groupon from the Theo Chocolate store just down the street from Theo's so we went in to get our box of chocolates when we discovered we could take a tour of the factory. Well is is kinda like the movies, you are in an awesome smelling place where they make all kinds of chocolate all day long. Theo's Chocolate is the only factory that is totally organic and Fair Trade as well. Taking this tour you could just tell that everyone loved there job and the company they were working for. It definitely shows in their product, the best chocolate we have ever had. We shared our box with some visting friends, Martti, Cookie and their two sons, they Liked it!

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