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All Around Seattle: Woodinville, Renton, West Seattle, Freemont, QueenAnn, Belltown, and Even Bellvue

First Stop in Woodenville, Loved the Tasting Room

Most important part is you can get Lavender Ice Cream Here.  Blue Bell can not even come close....

A total feel good environment

The Bees were very busy, I think they were all high on the Lavender

Just waiting their turn

These rows recently harvested. 

My first IKEA experience, a Brilliant way to get all the stuff in 1 stop.

Just need a few things

Salty's in West Seattle for Lunch

From a different time but you can still experience it at the Wooden Boat Center

A pre-Birth Lunch!

A great view from Salty's of our neighborhood

Over 1400 slips at Shilshole Marina, could be Wand'rin Star's new home?

Most of the Queen Ann Neighborhood

Got to get on more ferries!

When I first spotted these guys I thought it was a group of human divers on a small dive boat. Zoomed in with the Admirals camera and found it was a divers play pen.

Alki Beach in West Seattle

There are always 3-4 cruise ships coming or preparing to depart

Uneeda a Burger For Sure! Baby Drew came late cause he wanted 1 more of these fine Bugers

We got here early, moments later it was packed.

The Admiral Likes It!

1 is just right

After another great lunch in Ballard at
Our daughter took us to Hot Cakes for a Chocolate Dream

This will require more trips to Ballard

Baby Drew shared one with his mom and the Admiral and I shared, only a 20 something should dare to consume on their own.

Our community

A Japanese Butoh Dance at the Sculpture Garden

A Free Waltz at the Sculpture Garden

The 440' Serena is in Seattle 

The Garage

Wing Helm Station

The huge tender is tiny compared to the Mothership 

A total new experience for us Rachel's Ginger Beer in the Pikes Market Area

We just went in to check it out planning to come back on a rainy day for Happy Hour.

Stay tuned for more Center for Wooden Boats post, here I am volunteering at the Livery assisting renters at the wooden row boats.

All Around Seattle: Woodinville, Renton, West Seattle, Freemont, Queen Ann, Belltown, and Even Bellvue
Seattle is divided up by old time neighborhoods. It was to far to walk through the woods to the downtown shopping district so each of the communities around Seattle developed their own downtown or shopping district. Our neighborhood equals the area we can walk to which is Belltown, Lower Queen Ann, South South Lake Union, and Downtown. We have experienced by car Woodinville, South Renton, First Hill, Ballard, West Seattle, and Freemont.

Driving Adventures
One of our first drives was to IKEA in South Renton just East of the SEATAC airport to pick up some home goods to complete what did not fit in the family truckster on the road trip to Seattle. This was my first trip to an IKEA and I was impressed with this 1 stop store. 

We have followed our daughter to a lot of great places since she left Austin to go to college and beyond, now we travel to Woodinville so she can pick up her quarterly assignment of wine from the Alexandria Nicole winery A stop in the tasting room brought back memories of visiting Lia in Sonoma. I sadly declined a second taste as I was the driver of a very important cargo navigating a foreign traffic system. Then a short drive down the 2 lane road to the Lavender Farm for some aroma therapy and then buy the last of their Lavender Ice cream to take back to Seattle.

West Seattle
The Baby was late and our daughter wanted to go to her favorite store PCC to stock up. They have two in Seattle and I wanted to go to the one in West Seattle so we could learn about the peninsula that  we have a view of from our living room window. It was an unexpected opportunity to eat lunch at Salty's
The great thing besides the food and excellent IPA was the perfect view of Our Seattle neighborhood as
 you can tell from the photos above. Salty's would be good any time of day I am sure but sitting out in the Sunshine was the best.
We then drove to Alki Beach. we just stayed a little while just to get the feel. There were people out on their paddle boards in swimsuits and Bikini's, some wading or kayaking in the water, and I wondered what the water temps were. I heard they were around 60 degrees F a bit cool for me, I like it at least 70 F. The sand was fine grannuals of rock. There are a couple of other beaches but it was time to get to the Grocery store and back to Seattle.

Uneeda burger has been a lunch destination since we got here. Little Baby Drew loves these burgers and I am glad he does, it ain't Whataburger but just as good in a totally different direction. Even though my daughter has gone completely organic she hasn't given up meat Thank God!. The Admiral and I also checked out the PCC grocery in Freemont and did a Theo Chocolate Factory Tour which deserves it's own upcoming post

We hardly get the car out of the garage, just to run errands for our daughter and baby Drew or make the unusual excursion outside of our neighborhood. We spent $200-300 per month for fuel in Texas when we lived there and now just 1 fill up per month, about $50.

Lower Queen Ann
Lower Queen Ann has a Safeway, Radio Shack, Bartells drugs and a Metropoliton Market in walking distance. We walk up there frequently for something. The Best thing in Lower Queen Ann is the Seattle Center just a few blocks away and there is always something free and fun to do up there. Lots of cultural festivals, free concerts, and other unique events, we are really lucky to live so close to this resource. Of course it was the site of the World's Fair and just recently I had a chance to go up the Space Needle with Jake and Jenny!

Bell Town 
Lots of high rise Condo Buildings, cool restaurants, bars, and the very nice Seattle Arts Museum's Sculpture Gardens where again just a couple of blocks away is another venue where there are lots of fine free events of art, music, and dancing. The Water front is also just three blocks down the Hill where there all sorts of seaside things to see and do. I just like walking along this area as there is always plenty of boat traffic to watch and a cool inner city Marina. Myrtle Edwards Park is just below the Sculpture Garden and is part of a city wide Hike and Bike trail. The trail along this section goes a couple of miles along Elliot Bay (South Puget Sound) and wraps around the Port where some commercial shipping and the Cruise ships have their docks. This is where a  Russian Vodka titan has parked his 440' Private Yacht Serena. We saw lots of huge private yachts in Florida but none larger than 150'. This is pretty incredible to see up close. The local government is trying to change the state laws to make it cheaper for these Super Yachts to stay longer in Seattle. This Yacht is spending about $93,000 per day just to keep the boat at the docks, maintenance etc. The yacht will have to pay some hefty fees if it stays beyond 60 days so there is a bill pending now to change that law to 180 days. The local merchants will cry if they leave at the end of the 60 day period!

South Lake Union
Well there are several things to do in South Lake Union like Eat an Incredible Breakfast at Portage Bay but The Wooden Boat Center is there so that is why I make several walking trips to Lake Union each week.

Downtown Seattle
The biggest draw is of course Pike's Market where you can just forget about going to any commercial chain grocery and just stock up here. This is where we bought the Chorizo, tortillas, beans, salsa, jalapenos, and pico de gallo for some Migas I made for a breakfast and a Dinner recently. The Seattle Symphony is Downtown where the Admiral and I have already attended three different orientations to volunteer in three different areas for the symphony and all the events held there. Our first gig is this Sunday at The Sound Bridge which is a outreach for the children of Seattle. 
We stopped in at Pike's Brewery to check it out. They have a really nice Happy Hour (good Reviews) with 50% off food everyday so we will go back for that on a rainy day to enjoy. I bought a bottle of Pike's IPA and it was really very good. The PNW is well known for it's craft brews. I like the IPA's so I am on a mission to try them all. This also gives me time to learn more about the brewing process by rating those beers I try out. Here is where I rate them:
I do not think I will ever be able to taste the indidividual ingredients and comment on their flavors, but I have no 
problem telling it like it is Texas Style. I'm thinking it will make a great rainy day hobby.

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