Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The St. Pete Beach Sandfest with Bill and Pam

Bill and Pam reserve Sunday's for Fun excursions around the St. Pete coastal area. The Admiral and I were fortunate to go along on a couple of these. They invited us to go to the St. Pete Beach Sand Festival and of course Sand Art was the Center piece. Our only other Sand Art Festival that we have been to was in Port A. In Port A artist come in and compete to win prizes for their sand sculptures. Here the area business bring in pros to complete a theme of art and the whole thing is under a huge tent. So instead of seeing a lot of very different styles and individual pieces, here you see one long flowing sand sculpture that you walk through on a curvy course under a really big nice tent.

Bill land Pam Groovin on the Sand

it was one long non stop work where the Florida Ocean scene is played out

Pirates a Big part of Florida History

The Sea, and Wind Gods are present everywhere in Florida

Tryin to get there....

Florida is full of Snow Birds from everywhere planet Earth,

The entire Beach scene.....

The tent was a nice shelter from the Sun....The Port A Sand Fest is right out in it.

Manta Rays are in all the Florida Waters...see them all the time.

A Sea Dragon!

Never get tired of the Dolphins, friendly and so Playful.

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They throng here by Land, Sea, and Air.

After the Sand Fest we walked down the local pier where this huge blow up water slide was....We could not believe their offensive sign!

Every Florida has a Pirate ship to cruise on. This one had Cannon that fired at all the
Beach comnbers

Everyone was having a Sand Fest!

And every Florida Beach Community has a Catamaran to sail on as well. 

The street performers come out for the crowds.

We had a lot of fun hanging out with Bill and Pam just relaxing, and enjoying St. Pete Beach. It is interesting how each beach community you visit in Florida is unique and has it's own flavor. Very different from Texas Beaches.

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