Friday, July 5, 2013

The Bridge Walk

The Admiral heard about "The Bridge Walk" and Tai Chi, Yoga and other free events occuring on the first Saturday each month within walking distance from the marina. We decided to go try it out, she wanted to do the Tai Chi and Yoga and I was up to do the Bridge Walk. Evidently I got there at the tale end of the Bridge Walk as I neared the sidewalk entrance on the North bound lane the last of the 50 or so Bridge Walkers were finishing up. I decided to just go anyway and check it out. 

Here you see the last of the Bridge Walkers on the right as I entered the North bound sidewalk of the bridge that  crosses over the Corpus Christi Ship Channel to Portland. 

This is a narrow sidewalk, those Bridge Walkers had to go single file for sure!

I was glad to have the Admirals Camera to take advantage of the  view and get some  neat shots

You could easily see the three huge offshore platforms being built across the bay in  Engelside/ Aransas Pass

Several Corpus Christi Museums dot the South edge of the 

Corpus has the replica Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria. Two are being restored here at the museum and the other is in the water at the Corpus Christi Marina and occasionally sails now. 

We have yet to go on board the Lexington, maybe we can find time before we head to Seattle. 

Pretty long walk just to get to the top of this 138' tall Harbor Bridge.  It is getting risky just walking up here since all that separates you and the fast traffic is that little concrete wall that is just over knee high. 

Looking back is a great view of the Bay front and the Marina

A close up of the Marina

Starting down, the Huge semi's screaming by are starting to make me think  I will be lucky to survive this  Bridge Walk, I  wondered what it looked like to the passing motorist when there were 50+ walkers up here???

This is Corpus North Beach that is making a bit of a comeback with  restoration of the roads and  hotels here. 

The Area wind farms to the North West are easily varible

I wished I could have captured one of the huge tractor trailer's that passed with just a couple of feet to spare!

I was about out of the water I brought along and I thought about  stopping here at Black Beards and getting a Bloody Mary and just calling the Admiral to come pick me up....but I did not bring my cell phone!

I was ready to get back so I took a short cut off the walkway.

Starting back up on the South bound side, it is starting to get hot and Humid!

The views on this side are not so great, you get a miles long view of the  Chemical/Petro industry that is so prevalent all along the Texas Gulf Coast. 

Driving over the bridge I always thought this was a Navy ship but I do not see any Military markings, It has been docked here for at least since before we left Corpus on our Cruise, lots of activity on the ship, I guess it is getting some major re-fit or something. 

Who knows what they just unloaded off a ship, I just hope it is not toxic.

I guess he will be underway soon since the have it all unloaded

Interesting name for a freighter.

Lots of activity on this aging coast guard cutter, seems like a crew change was taking place lots getting off, and lots getting on. 

Big Gun under that Blue Tarp

What? They havbe to carry their stuff off in plastic bags, did these guys lose their duffel bags overboard?

This is a really big Tug but it looked small in the Harbor

I am getting really thirsty now, forget the Bloody Mary...just need  Hydration!

If it all blows up can this one little fire boat put it all out?

Lots of Wind Mill blades waiting to be shipped to the wind farms across Texas.

This big double wide passed just under me

They are huge and to think that we passed within a few yards of the guys  lots of times on our way around the Gulf Coast in the Inter-coastal waterways. 

Some come in and unload and others come in and load up. 

Here is the Whataburger Basball Field and Hurricane water park.

I envied this guy, I was so hot by now I just wanted to lay in that water.

Looks like the End to me?

I always wanted to go here for a beer...I will just need at least 1 glass of water first!

This guy is one of the smartest Layers in Texas. I would definitely hire him if one of these friggin trucks  hits me. He was intelligent enough to put his sign next to the most dangerous sidewalk in Texas.


Let me off here please. 

short cut

It looks so innocent from H dock!

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