Thursday, May 2, 2013

St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Art

I was well over a hundred yards away and I still could not completely frame these two awesome Banyon Trees

These two trees are right next to the St. Pete MFA, it is at least 5 degrees cooler under the trees.

We have taken pics of several Banyon trees along the way but most were difficult to capture since there was so much other vegetation around

Besides their regular collection Philip Perlstein's "People Places Things"  was on exhibit

The Florida Everglades on Fire

This one spoke to me, made me like Georgia O'Keefe

This one must travel around, think we saw it at the Kimble in Ft. Worth

This one is not entittled "The Simple Woman"

Little did we know how telling this one would be

The Sculpture Garden was a great place to find a bench and enjoy the sculptures in  quiet  courtyard.

I just wondered how long this took to carve out?

St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Art

We took a chance and was surprised to find the wonderful time at the St. Pete Museum of Fine Art. We went on the cheap day with a free guided tour of course.  The pics above are just a small sampling as the collection extends from antiquities to modern era art, see more about their permanent collection at .
Philip Pearlstein must have been a unique character for sure. His realist perspective captures those parts of life I avoid seeing, I like to have more fun for sure.But I am glad there is someone who took the time to document those things for the rest of us so we might take notice and think differently for a moment. I would go again just to challenge myself one more time.
We enjoyed touring with the Docent as she could clue us in on both the permanent collection as well as the Pearlstein collection. I am sure many would prefer to tour the Art on their on as of course Art is in the Eye of the beholder and why would you want even a knowledgeable  Docent whose passion is to guide you through just to color up your moment to translate for yourself?  Well that is just the teachers in us, we like to learn as much as possible and enjoy the passion of someone who probably lives art daily and volunteers their time to share their ideas along the way. This MFA is worth the visit for sure.

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