Saturday, May 4, 2013

Don's Marine Salvage

I had to see Don's Marine Salvage before leaving St. Pete.

It took me thirty minutes to just scan the stuff before you even got to the front door, I would love to have a electric  motor for the Dingy davits but my davits could not even hold this motor up.

Outboard Motors, racks and racks of them

They seem to be trying to organize 

A Moutain of anxchors sold by the pound, some very strange looking anchors you have never seen before.

A sea of Stainless Steel

The attempt to organize it all seems impossible

Trailer loads of transmissions, starters, alternators...

If the propeller you want does not exist here then neither does the boat it belongs on.

Hummmm....I could use a nice deck box

At least 6 racks of Mast of all sizes

9 acres of boat stuff, Mind booggeling

I could not figure out storage building, a little bit of everything  on these shelves, there was 1 guy trying to sort it  out and make a attempt of getting it organized?

Storage containers one right after another, rows and rows of them!

This old Sea Ray had been stripped and this guy was starting to cut the hull up with a Sawsall in big chunks...I guess the next  stop is the fiberglass dump?
Don's Marine Salvage

I heard about it but there is NO WAY to tell anyone about this place!  A 36 year collection of boat salvage stuff spread over 9 huge acres. the locals told me that it had improved a lot recently as the owners, (children and grandchildren of Don) had started to make progress in actually organizing all the stuff in the Marine Salvage yard spread over 9 acres. There are tons of every single boat part power and sail for boats of all sizes spread all over these 9 acres. It is incredible, there was just not enough time to really look for anything I might need. Just trying to survey all that was there in the short three hours I spent there. If you think you can go out back and search for the part you are looking for on your own then you probably work there. The only way to sort through this stuff is with professional help, do not even go out in the yard and search, go immediately to the front desk and tell them what you want and get a guide to take you to your destination.
Or try: or call them and tell them to ship it. I want to go back there but I just do not have time...nor the space to haul it all back across the gulf to Texas!

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