Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Living Downtown St. Petersburg, Fl.

Just Chillin' in my favorite spot here at St. Pete Marina. A great place to just watch all the boats come and go from  this special Harbor. 

I got this from the Boot Key Harbor Facebook page, These Cubans made it to Land so they get to stay, their vwessel was found near the 7 Mile Bridge. 

Another guy from posted this on the Boot Key Facebook page, he wanted  everyone to like his photo so he could win a prize, I think he already had the prize. 

Some Eagles raising a pair of pups on a cell tower just a couple of miles North of the marina.

I found this at a Huge Neighborhood garage sale here in St. Pete. I  knew my brother would love it  since it  fits right in  with a theatrical production he Directed at Zachary Scott

The Admiral hooked up with the right person here at the St. Pete Tai Chi center and got to go  for a 2 day event at the Tai Chi National Headquarters  in Tallahassee Fl. 
Down the Street from the marina is Univ. of Southern  Florida, St. Pete. We went to a Free Japanese Taiko Drum  concert and then learned about the USFSP Free Talent Show the following Thursday, plenty of free activities to have fun with in the downtown area.

The Saturday Market is just a few blocks away, we go every Saturday and  have fun  for several hours. 

I liked these Tie Dyed baby clothes, the Admiral would not let me buy any, I was thinking they would be cool in Seattle.

The Best Wheat Grass Shots anywhere!

This Corn pancake is Mighty Fine.

We will come back for the Pineapple next time

This Endeavour 37 lost reverse and smacked a concrete walkway.  Just a small scratch compared to the concrete  These old boats are built like Tanks! I praised the captain for his choice in boats. He told me it might have been a different outcome if it had been low tide and his bow pulpit had hit instead. I told him he had outstanding timing!

Looks like the Endeavour won. I have another friend who has a Catalina 360  in corpus and when he hit  a concrete bulkhead at corpus Marina it left a huge gaping hole in the bow shaped like a sharks mouth. Endeavours....tougher than Concrete!

Living Downtown St. Petersburg,  Fl.

I thought a few times about returning to Westshore Yacht Club Marina but I really wanted to try hanging out in a downtown marina where lots of things to do are in walking distance. Now after being here for almost three weeks I know this was the right decision. At first it was a big change from Marathon but we are really appreciating all the events that happen here everyday. The other plus is all the boat chandler's in the St Pete area. Preparing Wand'rin Star ready for a 7-11 day Gulf crossing to Corpus is mixed in with enjoying the Urban life so this is a good spot for both.
The Admiral is not about sitting on the boat so she is always searching the area calender of events to see What's Happening. Univ.of S.Florida is just about a 15 minute walk away. She found a Japanese Taiko Drum concert for free. We invited Maureen to join us, Carey was working late hours this week. We enjoyed being on a college campus again and we were surely the oldest to attend as most of the audience were students. This Taiko Drum group was down from New York as part of a Cultural Exchange event. The drums were very loud and reverberate through your body. We returned the next Thursday for a free Student Talent Show. The best part was the free pizza. We did get to vote and I voted for #11 the Dancer, the Admiral and Maureen voted for #1 the Juggler. The Dancer won 1st, the Juggler got 2nd but won the Student favorite award.
Right down the street from the Tai Chi center where the Admiral goes several times a week for Tai Chi was a Annual Neighborhood Yard Sale. It is Huge and wraps around a nice Park around a small inner city lake. The thing about anywhere Florida is that it is retirement central. People from all over the world come to Florida to retire. That means they have very interesting yard, estate, or downsizing sales. a person could have brought a large U-haul truck here and completely outfitted a condo, house or whatever with some very interesting and cool stuff. Of course it was fun looking at but there is no room on the boat for any of it. I did find a Ceramic figurine that I thought was perfect for my brothers home so I bought it for $2.00 and shipped it to him....He Liked It! The Saturday Market is a really great perk for living downtown. It is a farmers market/unique prepared food/music festival all in one. Most stuff for sale is organic and healthy.
The Admiral was invited to attend two days of training at the National Tai Chi center in Tallahassee. This was a perfect time for me to start in on some boat projects to prepare Wand'rin Star for a Gulf crossing.

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