Monday, April 22, 2013

Festival of Speed at Vinoy Park

I had a girlfriend that drove one of these....

I have always loved classic Hood Ornaments

There were several of these old Packard's....Great cars.

If I was a Farmer I think I would like to drive a Porsche Tractor

Perfect  ... Top Gear! 
I Understand...I belong to the Vintage Sailboat Club!

I only new one guy with a Norton....

Lots of custom rides here

Triumphs are cool

Take your choice

I drove for MDE in Corpus for a while and loved driving the SLS AMG  Roadster

I would be on a long straight farm road outside of Corpus and come to a full stop.  Punch it and start counting the seconds till the speedo hit 100+...TRY It! YOU WILL BE SURPRISED.

I would like to compare this to the Mercedes SLS Roadster....couldn't find the keys.

Susan and Jay owned one of these first Honda's to hit the US shores. I remember getting claustrophobic in the back seat.

A handy trunk for the spare.

We saw the King on the way out!

Festival of Speed at Vinoy Park

The Admiral found out about the car show over at Vinoy Park and I wanted to go check it out. We walked over around 1200 and I thought it would just be your run of the mill car show. I did not take a camera but I knew I could use the Iphone to take a few pics if there was anything worthy. WOW! as soon as we got there I had the Iphone out taking pics of every car there. It was the most incredible car show I have ever attended for sure, they had everything to Vintage, Classic, Muscle Car, Stock Race, Formula I, New Sports cars, and all the old ones were in Bristol condition. Eventually The battery died in my phone so at the end of our time there I borrowed the Admirals phone to get a few more pics on the way out. I was having the best time with the Admiral re-living the 50's, 60's, and 70's. The only car missing from our experience was my 60' Chevy Impala. All the Vintage cars were show room new and the Packards drew a big crowd.
There were several cars that I had either never heard about or seen before and some I had heard about but never seen like the Telsa: . I worked for MDE for a short time in Corpus to earn some boat money. This company contracted with Mercedes, Toyota, and others to put test miles on their yet to be released models. The best days were when I was assigned the Mercedes SLS Roadster. I was amazed at how the speed was immediate without any burning rubber. I have always wanted since then to drive a Porsch, BMW, and other high end roadster type cars to compare the performance. Not sure why someone that enjoys going 6 knots for hours or even days also enjoys the other end.I have had a few opportunities to go fast on water and about 30 MPH is my limit, anytime I approached that speed I was ready to back it off. Something about speed and water just does not mix with me.
When I got back to the boat to charge my Ipone I discovered it had crashed and had to be restored, I lost all of my fun photos. There was no way I could have posted them all on the blog anyway and fortunately I had those above on the Admirals phone. If one of these Festival's of Speed's comes near your home be sure to go check it out...lot's of Fun

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