Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wand'rin Star's First Cruise Guest

Share the Cruise is the way to go, Tammy & Bruce come for a visit and we all have fun!

After a walk down the Mississippi, it is time to grab some refreshments for a walk through the French quarter.

Tammy liked the handy container for the Jello Shots.

Our guest treated us to a great dinner including alligator tail appetizers, the Admiral said they tasted muscley, I would definitely order them again.

The mood changes towards New Years Eve in the Quarter.

New Years Eve Jackson Square was full of excitement.

The Saints Game is building and "The Saints go Marching In" is heard everywhere with the "Who
Dat? , Who Dat?, Who Dat Gonna Beat them Saints?" chanted in unison all through the French Quarter.

What do Y'all want to drink?

Tammy gets Freaky.........New Years brings out everyone!

There are several reasons to own a 40’+ vessel. My research showed that the average size vessel for a cruising couple is 40’. There are also the comfort and space issues that surround a vessel this size. Our first visitors and overnight guest were Bruce & Tammy Swart, friends from BYC and Corpus Christi. We compared notes on some recent articles and blogs we had both read about couples who had cruised extensively on smaller vessels who stated that if they did it again they would have a vessel 40’ or larger and some stated the benefits of having a center cockpit. One of my original thoughts is that having the extra space would allow for family and friends to join us anywhere along the way to share the adventure. We never had any overnight guest aboard after getting the boat to Kemah but there were of course several reasons for that I guess one of which we were often working on the boat getting it ready to go. But even then I came to realize that visitors on board would be far and few between. Family are very involved in their professional lives and have their own family recreational interest and non-boating friends are unsure perhaps about actually sleeping aboard a boat in close quarters. Boating friends have their own boat and love being on their boat. But to our surprise our friends from Corpus have put their racer/cruiser up for sale and are looking to buy a cruising boat so they decided to take a road trip to Florida to enjoy their Christmas/New Year’s vacation seeing the sights and shopping a few boats along the way. In Corpus I crewed several Wednesday night and other races aboard "Elan" their CS 36T. They emailed that would like to stop buy and get an update on our trip on their way through. It worked out that they were our first overnight guest aboard WS for one night to and one night from Florida. The first night they got here we wasted no time, we stowed their stuff and jumped in their car for an evening in the French Quarter. It was fun seeing the Quarter through he eyes of friends and Lynn & I experienced a few new sights and a great restaurant we would have never found without them. Then they returned just in time to spend New Years Eve with us in the FQ. Another fun time sharing this incredible city. Friends and family are always welcome to join us anytime along the way. So if we are at a destination where you would like to enjoy come stay a while, or perhaps crewing to the next destination would be of interest, we always love extra hands, we will even teach you how to do it. Tammy and Bruce have a blog that we follow and there is a link in our side bar to "Things We Did Today".

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