Monday, January 16, 2012

Final Tour of NO

Most Boat yards use a Travel Lift to raise boats out of the water, but this yard uses this fixed crane. I wish I could have seen them take a boat out with it, not sure if it is more efficient but it certainly looks like it. There were a couple of really large vessels on the hard so it obviously can do the trick.

This is the Lady Gale Marie a 140' Burger which belongs to Benson Football LLC aka Tom Benson, owner of the Saints. Nice day for a Picnic.

This New Orleans Marina and FEMA just can't seem to find common ground to get the Katrina repairs started. Just behind the docks you can see a row of roofs which line all the way around this part of the Marina. These are "Boat Houses", like a condo with a Boat Garage.

This is the Boat House for the Admirals 45' Searay, the second from the right. An excellent spot to be. Now if they could just make one with a slot in the roof so our Mast could fit in.

This is the pass out to Lake Pontchartrain from the marina, right next to the Southern Yacht Club.


Well lookey here, this is the vessel that we had to move out of the way for at Seabrook, They obviously did not find the accommodations there suitable.

This is the Southern Yacht Club, reported to be the 2nd oldest in the US but if you gooogle oldest yacht clubs in US that is not compatible with internet knowledge? Hey BYC, if you behave right you could end up with a mini version of this!

Sorry, there is no Picture of Lake Pontchartrain that could even get close, you just have to be there.

This is the New Orleans Yacht club, not sure how old they are?

South Shore Harbor would have been our home in NO f we had made the trip around. I think we would have really liked it here, especially since we could have taken some day sails on the lake. But we would definitely needed a car to get around.

I wondered who we might have met here at South Shore and how the experience may have been different. A nice marina.

Before Leaving New Orleans I wanted to go check out places we could have stayed if we had made the extra 55 mile trip into Lake Pontchartrain to get to the South Shore. We were given a fine tour of the area already by the Admiral's 3rd cousin Russ. Lynn's Father informed us on our way to NO that he would give him a call and for us to get together. Sure nuff, Russ called us up and offered to be at our service since he was retired and had nothing else to do. He invited us over to his boat house to watch a Saints game and told us he would come get us. We accepted and this family thing turned out to be our best experience on our trip so far. Who would have thought getting together with some distant family member who you have never seen or talked to would work out so great? We had a wonderful afternoon at Russ's along with his Fiance' of over 20 years, and his son, Dave and wife ........... Family takes on a whole new meaning in New Orleans. They invited us to spend Christmas Eve with them but we just could not imagine so with such short notice to the host so we declined, but I think we should have I said, family is a different concept in Louisiana. Russ keeps his Bristol 45' SeaRay right out the back (front?) door and at a cruising speed of 25 knots they can be anywhere Florida PDQ. Russ gave us a tour of the Marinas and the Pontchartrain's water front along with recent Katrina history explaining the Levy/pump system that is supposed to keep it all dry. A couple of weeks later when the Admiral was visiting her parents, he & Dave picked me up for a Oyster Lunch at Bozos Oyster House. Click the title of this blog for a link to Bozo's. None better anywhere.

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