Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Admiral Doesn't Blog..but she writes

The Beach on Mustang Island just 3 minutes walk from our rental condo is different every day. Sometimes it is spotless clear sand for miles with calm blue water, most times the water is full of wave action and a brown color from all the sand stirring up and the sea life.

Just the a few days before the seaweed or sargassum weed that comes all the way from the Atlantic ocean was 2 feet deep covering most of the beach.

Fishing with Katie & Greg for morning and afternoon, we caught these tasty Whitings and lots of Gaff tops which we tossed back even some say they are tasty.

Here is the Least Bittern, he is clinging onto the reeds stretching down to catch himself a minnow sized fish.

Here he is hunting low in the reeds for the next tasty morsel. This guy is Funky!

As our tank project begins to fade away we are finding more time to enjoy our second found hobby of Birding. And of course long walks down the beach and fishing with friends. Katie & Greg came to visit for 3 days and it was blowin 30 knots each day so we went fishin.

Birding is a free hobby, unlike sailing. Lot's of Birders carry very expensive binoculars, and/or spotting scopes and/or cameras. The Admiral has a nice pair of birding binoculars, I rely on my marine type of binoculars that we ordinarily keep on the boat & I bought a inexpensive 5 year old camera off Ebay to act as the Admirals camera man for the weekly article that she writes for the Port Aransas South Jetty newspaper. Hanging out with birders is not a bad place to be, everyone is happy, there is nothing controversial except perhaps the identity of a bird. Your always in a nice environment with friendly, smart people who love to share their finds and are curious about what you have seen. We have spotted and become familiar with over 200 species including coastal birds, shore birds, hawks, falcons, and all types of migrating birds large & small. My favorite of them all though is the Least Bittern, it is the smallest of the American Herons. He is elusive and funky. I really have fun spotting and watching this fun bird. I enjoy them all but this guy is worth the hunt and I feel lucky when I spot one. The admiral doesn't blog but she does write, just go to: and search Lynn Steakley in the archives to see some of her articles and some of my photos.

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