Friday, May 20, 2011

2011 Melges 24 World Championship Corpus Christi

While the Melges racers were here a shrimp boat caught fire and sank very near where our boat slip is in the marina. The boat was lifted out of the water a few days ago and trucked out of here.
Here is a pic of the racers returning from the course to the Marina.

The 2011 Melges Worlds are nearing completion here in Corpus. This is the first time I have been so close to professional sail racing. We went out early in the week on Wand'rin Star to view the a pre regatta race up close, it was a relatively unusual light air day so the racing was certainly interesting but not what all the buzz was about. In fact they cancelled the second race for the day due to dying winds. The course was to far off shore to see from land so if you wanted a up close view, or some days any view at all due to the heavy humidity haze, you had to go out in the bay. I found the You Tube videos by searching for the 2011 Melges worlds and found I could actually get better results just viewing the professionally shot videos who could get some up close action and they have interviews and other neat videos online. The local racing community here in Corpus put their life on hold for a week to volunteer and make sure these guys have a great time so they will come back here and do it again sometime. There are ususally around 100 boats entered in the competition but only about 30 showed up in Corpus due to it "being in the Boonies" as one Melges skipper stated. All the teams from foreign countries have to have their boats shipped in shipping containers and find a flight to Corpus which is just not as easy as going to either the East or West coast. The link on the title of this blog goes to the final results page. The Italians, USA, and a Irish team finished 1,2,3 respectively. I took lots of picture but none of them are really good enough to post (to far away). But you can just go to You tube and search 2011 Melges Worlds and see it all there.

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