Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fast Forward to 2001

The Admiral at the helm of "Moon Chaser" our first sailboat on Canyon Lake, Texas
We Learned to Race from our friends at Hill Country Yacht Club

Our first bare boat cruise with our friends, Melodie and Jerry along with Katie & Greg on a 46' Jeaneau sold the dream.

 Nine days of pure heaven to us, I knew we could live that life!
Our Daughter Lia was in her last year of college. So I figured I could coach soccer for just 1 more year and that would pay for our first Sailboat. I started searching online. My first thought was to get like a Catalina 22 so we could be trailor sailors and check out different lakes and Gulf bays on the Texas coast. However, when Lynn saw the little sailboat that seemed perfect to me, she declared " If you think I am camping out in that thing you are crazy! Damn...I am going to have to buy a bigger boat!...So we found a perfect Catalina 250 at Canyon Lake Marina where there was a wonderful Hill country Yacht Club to teach us how to Sail, race and go on chartered cruises to the British Virgin Islands. Plus there was a Great little restaurant just above the marina "Papadocs". Lynn bit the hook and we bought "Moon Chaser" All the folks at HCYC and especially Charlie Teats and my mentor Derek Crawford taught us how to race and we were certified Canyon Lake Sailors...A great lake to learn how to sail on since the winds continuously change directions. 

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