Monday, July 26, 2010

Corpus Christi

Wand'rin Star in Port Townsend, WA
This is a start up Blog....Hard to know where to begin when we have worked so hard to just get through the Transition from Working Life to Cruising Life. With all things working as planned we will be Corpus living aboard Early August 2010. One last load of stuff to put in storage in Corpus. August will be spent trying to determine just what we need to bring aboard, what else we can jettison, and what is worthy of keeping in storage a bit longer. We believe we will be in Corpus just testing out our cruising skills for a year while the oil subsides in the Gulf of Mexico, there is plenty of cruising grounds to keep us entertained and continue to prepare Wand'rin Star to be up to the up coming challenge of coastal cruising the US and beyound. We have taken all of our sailing in small, safe, learning chunks...a step at a time, no hurry to get anywhere....just go. So for our followers, This blog may not of be of real interest to seasoned sailors till we actually depart from the Corpus area, but we will detail a bit of how we got to this point and share some of our sailing history for our friends and for those who do not yet own a boat and may be curious about how a couple who lived the American dream would toss off all their possessions and just move aboard a boat the moment they retire from their working careers. The sailing magazines never write of the hard part...the part of leaving your home of over 30 years, freinds, family, and material things you have to part with since they simply do not belong on a sailing vessel. A year of sometimes excruciating transition that again is never mentioned in the sailing articles. No, instead their stories simply begin by stating that " we sold all our stuff, bought a boat and departed for the beautiful islands where sunsets go on forever and tomorrow is more incredible than today, with a couple of storm stories thrown in that made the authors stronger than they were before. the Pic by the way is of the Captain and the Admiral aboard Wand'rin Star in Port Ludlow Washington where we were in route to Port Townsend WA. to have our little ship decommissioned for the ride back to Texas.


  1. Steve and Lynn,
    All the best to you guys in your new life and adventure. I am so happy for you and feel privileged that I was able to participate in the Catalina 30 and then helping you with the Endeavour 42. I hope to see you soon, next time I'm in Corpus.
    Kent Little
    Sea Lake Yachts

  2. What a trip it shall be! Enjoy the beauty and enjoy each other~so glad to have met two such wonderful human beings. Thrilled to be able to keep in touch~Peace my Friends, Melissa

  3. Thanks Kent, you were instramental in helping us get to this point,
    Fair winds