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May 2019 Seattle to Texas

May 2019 Seattle to Texas

Wow! its a good thing for pictures, not sure how else I could recall May 2019 as fast a s life moves for us here in Seattle. I used the sailing log to see about our sailing activities and we did manage to get to fun sails in and several small boat projects, but the trip to Texas is the most memorable and then as soon as we returned to Seattle we took the Ferry over to Bainbridge Island for a week with our daughter and grandkids as the dad was traveling around the South Pacific for Google Maps business. 

I am fascinated by all the Alaska fishing fleets who harbor their boats here in Seattle. This dock services the largest of the fleet, the big Fisher/Processing ships that catch, process, and freeze bringing back their catch ready to go straight to market. There are five of these large ships in this picture, they will all be gone to Alaska soon and the dock will be used for all the cruise ships that come into Seattle while they are gone. I am collecting the data to do a future post on these fisher/procesor ships. The bounty of fish that these and all the smaller hundreds of vessels bring in from Alaska waters is pretty incredible.

We took a walk down South Congress in Austin with our son on the way to get some of our favorite enchiladas. He took us into a small boutique hotel on the strip to show us this print of Prince. 

After the enchiladas we went to an Art Store where all the local Artist get ther supplies, our grandaughter Liv had a piece on exhibit at an art show there, it is the piece in the upper right.

Are you size 2?

Austin is always fun on Cinco De Mayo!

Also when we were walking by Allens Boots on Congress I mentioned that the last pair of boots I owned I bought at Allen's. Graeme asked us if we had been in there in a while and since we said no, he thought we should go in and see how it has changed. We had to try some on. Man those $600 boots felt so good, Hers were priced at $350. Don't need em on a sailboat though.

Just like old times!

A walk on the edge of the Texas Hill Country with a fine sunset.

And a Texas bunny.

Our timing was extra special since we got to see our granddaughter's dance recital. I ain't bragging when I say she is the best they got. Unfortunately they disallowed any pictures or videos so I can't present the facts here but  you will just have to take my word.

This is nothing, you need to see her dance for Reals!

The Admirals dad lives in the Lost Creek neighborhood. Can you see how green it is? It had been raining for 18 straight days before we got there.

The sky's cleared just today.

The neighborhood creeks were flooding.

All of them.

This is not even a creek and it was flowing!

We asked the neighbors why it is so green, they all laughed and said they had never seen it so green here in Fort Worth their entire life!

We took some of the Admirals dads collection down to the Archives, they had a historical exhibit of theater in Tarrent County. I never knew Ginger rogers grew up in Ft. Worth.

My mom was an Ambassodor to Casa Manana, we saw lots of plays that year.

A walk in an Ft Worth's Arlington Heights neighborhood, just another Texas city Vulture getting some road kill lunch.

When I saw this house I knew we were on El Campo

This is a completly new Idea for Ft. Worth.

Aledo Skies

Our oldest grandaughter taking her semester finals n New York.

Another final exam

A No Children Mothers Day at Tres Amigos with Sista Ginger and the
Admiral, Two of the finest mothers anywhere!

Back in Seattle Spring brings out the some instereting creatures for our two year old grandaughter.

And finally we get to see the Washington State bird at our kids Seattle home bird feeder, the American Goldfinch

April showers bring May Flowers

She Alaskan fishing fleets are beginning to depart.

I have bathtub duty on Bainbridge...Fun is the reson to take a bath.

In Poulsbo you can be a Pirate and blow a real live foghorn at the museum.

Free Music is everywhere all week in Seattle beginning now.

This is one of my favorite sculptures at the Seattle Art museum sculpture garden, it poins to the history of the shipping trades in Seattle right in front of Elliot Bay

Stacking rocks along this water front hike and bike trail seems to becoming some sort of competition, hundreds of stacks have shown up along this part of the shore.

To many people I think.

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