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December 2018 In Seattle

December 2018 In Seattle

On our return from Texas we found a wet Seattle. The region is living up to its reputation as back to back lows hustle across the Olympic Peninsula adding plenty of white and bringing the wet version to the lower altitudes. Then on to the Cascades where all of a sudden they have so much snow there are avalanche warnings. Then the wind storms where 50-60 mph winds in urban areas and 70 + mph on coastal and North Sound waters. with 100+ recorded at the highest altitudes. The windstorms result in major power outages across the region due to trees being blown over. They may be end of life trees or healthy trees who have shallow root systems due to the volcanic rock they grow on. When trees are 100-130' tall or more lots of cars, homes and power lines are destroyed. Tornadoes are extremely rare in the PNW but one wind storm created the freak tornado causing unexpected damage.  

But we had lots of fun anyway.

There is a lot going on regarding Seattle traffic, perhaps this is a Google guy updating maps?
The Alaska Viaduct is soon closing and there will be major traffic problems for three weeks until the replacement tunnel opens for traffic. The city is doing everything it can to prepare for the traffic gridlock that is looking.

The Seattle Fairmont Olympic Hotel host the Festival of Trees:

Each tree has a different theme and are sold to the highest bidder to benefit the Settle Children's Hospital

This Tree donated by Dilettante Chocolates.

Then there is the Teddy Bear Suite

"In addition to the usual public viewing, this year the hotel is excited to announce that guests will be able to book and stay overnight in the Teddy Bear Suite. The hotel has created a package including an overnight stay in the 1,200sq/ft Teddy Bear Suite, Teddy Bear Breakfast, parking and a commemorative 20th anniversary teddy bear. Prices for this suite experience start at $1,199 a night"
All proceeds go to the Children's Hospital.

I liked the life size Gingerbread house the best, you can walk through and the Gingerbread smells GREAT!

One storm just passed, the next is right behind, back to back lows marks the weather in December.

Things to do on a rainy day.
After five years we finally got our Orca Cards. We are learning to ride the Metro bus and it is really so easy and convienent, not sure why we waited so long to do this. $1 ride all you want in any given 3 hour period.

The Metro Bus drops you off about 1 mile from the marina, I have also been wanting to try the bike share Lime Bikes. So this one was my first $1 ride from the marina to the bus stop. First bike ride in nearly six years. I was amazed at how light the bike was it looks kind of heavy  but really pedaled great. You are always going either up or down in Seattle, thankfully it is flatter when your near the water but the slight hills did get my bodies attention. 

So the next time I chose a Ebike. with electric assist, you get the electric assist as long as you are peddling. I did not even notice the slight hills, I want to try one of these on a real Seattle hill to see how they assist up a steep incline.

Then you get to find out all the calories you have burned, in one mile I burned 9 calories in one mile on the Ebike. Humm, not enough for a beer

So Proud of our youngest Austin Granddaughter, Liv spends a lot of time dancing.

And our Oldest Austin Granddaughter Ella is on her way to Parsons School of Design in New York, SO PROUD! 

Where the U.S. skies begin.

5 year old Drew is just the right age to learn how to Clean and lubricate a winch, 

He is really good at taking things apart!

All clean and now ready to grease it all up and reassemble.

Highest tide I have seen yet at our marina.
The ramp is nearly level.

You can see the Storm drain is almost under water, obviously the water has been higher but not since we have been here.

Magical Winter sunsets.

The SAM Lights

The Sculpture Garden Pavilion is Turned On!

This is what you call an Electric Horn Section
See the video at:

So there is a Piano hooked up to these lights and anyone can stop by and play a tune causing the lights to dance the song.

Dasher and Comet stopped into Seattle to see what the kids were up to.

This is the new Generation stepping out to play in the rain. Clara loves puddles and sticks and worms.

Then her parents treated her at the Kitty Cat Cafe

Click on the pick, you can see the Olympics are full of Snow, That is a Labrador in the foreground fetching a ball. at Pocket Beach.

We did have some Mighty Fine sun days in December. On these Days I would zip over to the boat and get one more step closer on my Gel Coat project.

A Tug Steaming North

Sunset from Magnolia Bluff

A lone sailboat out for a Christmas Day sail in very light winds just ghosting along on a reach.

The Northwest Hemlocks can make fro some Dr. Seuss like figures.

We volunteered again for Earshot Jazz 30 th anniversay production of
The Sacred Music of Duke Ellington
held this year at St.Mark's Episcopal Cathedral

Hear at:

A Sun Break over Mount Constance

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