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Seattle May 2018 move to Shilshole and a Texas Graduation

Seattle May 2018 move to Shilshole Bay Marina and a Texas Graduation

The speed of life seems to be picking up. We were fortunate to score a slip at Shilhole Bay Marina after being on the waiting list for over a year. We love Eagle Harbor and for a while more than enjoyed the 30 minute ferry rides and Bainbridge Island. But the summer season was upon us and that meant long ferry wait lines and increased cost to get to and enjoy sailing SNOWBALL.  We sailed over early on the 3rd, got her tied up, took an Uber back to the ferry to go back to Eagle Harbor and fetch our car. We finally got home around 6pm and were happy knowing it would only be a 15-20 minute drive to get to Shilshole.
The first part of our trip to Texas was 100% fun being with Austin family and participating in our First born Grandaughter's high school graduation. She is full of life and can't wait to see what's next. Then back up to Ft. Worth to continue to assist the Admirals dad Big Dave find new homes for his various collections. I'm not sure but I think we have removed close to a little more than 50% now. The Admiral continues to help him sell a lot of his collection on Ebay so if your looking for something you can't possibly find anywhere else, look on Ebay, he has it for sell.

We got LUCKY, a slip opened up for us at Shilshole Bay Marina. This would save us several ferry rides over to Eagle Harbor each month to get to SNOWBALL. We sailed over to Shilshole Bay on the 3rd to enjoy having the boat just 15-20 minutes from our Belltown condo.

Snowball in her new home. we backed her in to have her ready for the new dodger and enclosure install, also I could finally add the name and home port to the starboard side.

This is jeweler's rouge paste. I guess jewlers use it to shine up jewelry but I found out on the Catalina Owners site that it was handy for removing the shadows left behind when you remove the previous name decals from the fiberglass hull. 

It takes a bit of elbow grease but it is very effective at removing all the old wax and with a pumice like abrasive remove any trace of a shadow from the old decal.

We thought this was a good sign, our new next slip neighbor. 

The Seattle Maritime Academy had an open house.

Two old ships and a moderate sized training vessel serves the students at the academy.

They  have engineer and deck crew level courses at the academy.

The bridge simulator was very cool, you could get sea sick in here, very strange to feel as if you were going through large swells when your feet were firmly on a steady floor. There are over 50 different simulations for the various types of ships and sizes.

The Center for Wooden Boats is always at every marine event with their toy wooden boats for kids.

Kyle and Mikey said they would be back in three weeks and they were.

Relly like the results. Iverson's makes a perfect fit.

Had to drive over to the Apple store and had a 1 hour wait so we walked over the check out the Amazon Book Store, Found one book for the grand-kids.

The Admiral had a hair appointment and it was over by the Ballard locks so I hung out there. The opening day boating parade is in just two days and the participating boats are pouring into the locks for the event.

If you are ever here in Seattle in May for the opening day parade, it is a must see event!

Daddy's in Japan so lots of Grand Kid time.

Spent a day at University of Washington checking out the Cherry Blossoms.

The city spent $5 Million constructing this North South bike lane all the way down 2nd avenue from Belltown through Downtown complete with dividers and there on street light system. This is looking South towards downtown.

This is looking North through Belltown. We never see any bikes in it and there is a huge community of bikers who commute to work every day rain or shine to downtown. They obviously have not adopted this protected route, instead I believe they would rather not have their own traffic lights and zoom in and out of traffic on third and fourth avenues like they have been for years.

The Seattle Percussion Society host the world Rhythm Festival at Seattle Center
We joined one impromptu group wich just sprang up just outside the Armory and had a great time
and our impromptu group:
The final event of the three day festival is a giant drum rhythm circle

A walk down to Pocket beach for the sunset before leaving for Texas.

Flying on the Salmon to Texas
Learning about the wolf tail culture at the Seattle Airport

Checking in to the hotel in Austin and the Admiral scores a thousand pooints.

Also learning other Graduation related terms, either way we are Super proud of our first grand child Ella and looking forward to her next chapter.

Back at the Erwin Center for another Graduation!!!

Over three hundred in this Anderson High School 2018 graduation class.


The younger grand daughter is taking good notes.

Unusually warm this time of year ni Texas, Most days had over 100 degree feels like temps.

Our Ausin kids live in Northwest Austin, Spring brought along this Bambi.

Back to Ft, Worth to help Big Dave continue to thin out his collections. One car and one truck load of books going to Half Price b ooks today.

The staff at Half Price Books separated it all into two piles this pile was worthless

This pile was worth about $30.00 The good news is they took it all.
So we celebrated by picking up hamburgers for everyone at Kincaids in Ft. Worth

They had this Dadgum IPA at Kincaid's so I jiust had to look it up on
I'll get some next time im here.

Back to Austin and our home at Brookdale. We paid a guy $1000 to trim the trees. I think he could have cut back a little more. We spent one sultry morning cutting what we could to finish the job.

This little kitty got lucky and was adopted for the summer by Liv.

Much cooler back in Seattle, great sunsets too!
We managed a Puget Sound shake down cruise so look for that in our next Blog. Finally returning to the reality of cruising again.

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