Saturday, March 4, 2017

January in Seattle: It's Days Like This, The Hunt Continues

It's days like this that motivate boat hunting.

We have exhausted our Puget Sound Search.

We have decided that we want a Catalina 36 Mark II for our Puget Sound Vessel.

From all the numerous choices in the Puget sound region we are not able to find one that meets our requirements.  

So we are shifting our attention to the California Coast.

There are 12 Catalina 36 Mark II located from San Diego to San Francisco currently on

The one in Emeryville, CA on San Francisco Bay is only a 12 hour transport by truck so we will start there.

The Pacific Science Center is Big D's playroom, just two blocks away he can go every day if he wants. 

The rainiest winter in 26 years. 

And record snow pack on every mountain on the West Coast

Making a route to travel through California till we find the right one. 

Babies keep you warm in the winter.

A sick Sea lion so we talked to others and we found the number to call for help.

Pocket Beach was closed off to Humans to give these seal pups a place to sun.

January in Seattle: It's Days like this The Hunt Continues

I was talking to my sister about our situation trying to find our next sailboat. She runs a Montessori school in Austin, Texas and  so works closely with the current generation of young parents. She mentioned that so much has changed over the course of the last several generations. She recalled how our Grand Parents took extraordinary care of all their stuff. their stuff lasted a lifetime. All the stuff they owned when we were babies was still being used and looked good the day they passed away. That generation took great care of their material possessions. Today's world is use it till it breaks then toss it out and get a new one. The young generation of adults are so busy just living their daily life they really do not have the time to devote to maintaining anything. It is actually more time and cost efficient to just get rid of the used up object and get a new one. This seems to be one contributing factor in our boat hunt where the vessels we have seen have been used up and not maintained. There is just enough time to go sailing and no time to change the oil and the hundreds of other things required to keep a boat in good operating and cosmetic shape. We have shopped 1983 through 2004 models, the story is the same with five vessels we thought would be the one. We really just want a vessel that is sound structurally and have resigned ourselves to fixing those other items  that were ignored by previous owners that are minor or just cosmetic.
We have exhausted all the vessels in Puget Sound between Olympia, WA and Canada. So we are turning to the California coast hoping for better results there.
The Book continues to be written and I know I am so close to the closing thoughts. But I now have submitted it to Amazon and just the final detail and editing  left to go, maybe It will be ready in March!

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