Friday, May 27, 2016

April / May in Seattle 2016

Finally after the all time record winter for Rains in Seattle we have more sun days than rainy days.

The barges hauling containers and all sorts of other stuff to Alaska are always interesting.
A screen shot taken from my Marine
App shows the tug to be The Alaska Titan

Bound for Whittier Alaska, the 120' tug looks small,  he has a ways to go.

Sun on the Patio is time to grill.

I stopped counting agter my 100th different PNW ale but that is no reason to not try something new.

We got a new volunteer gig at the ACT Theatre

A play about America's famous assassins, it all adds up when you consider their stories back to back.

This Little Steam Ship is having it's boiler reworked.

Rack and Pinion steering

Kelp just floating along.

Indigenous kids spiffing up the CWB Totem Pole.

Pirate out front on a fabulous day of Teaching Sail now Students.

Still considering trawlers, this is a Sockeye 45

Widgeon is for sale, really like the looks but just to big for us.

Still Swinging at the Chicken Park.

There are many of these old wood Chris Crafts completely restored $$$$

To busy to get the story on this one/

Drew is getting brave enough to start climbing with the big kides at the Blue Swing Park.

Cruise Season officially starts and Thousands come and go from Seattle as three cruise ships depart Seattle every Wed. and Sunday.

These type of ships common on the Gulf coast are a novelty up here. This Dockwise vessel is hauling away an old Dry Dock, guess someone in Mexico wants it :

Just when I thought the building boom was done in South Lake Union, More old  buildings are cleard for the amazon variety.

Whoops, our mistake to go to the REI flagship store on the first day of their spring Sale. about 200 people in line to checkout.

Always an interesting vessel on Lake Union

April in Seattle 2016

April was kind of like wait and see. If Wand'rin Star sold we would resume our boat search, especially since we already have a slip waiting for us in Eagle Harbor. We lowered the asking price of Wand'rin Star one more time and then started considering a plan to bring the boat to Seattle if there were no firm offers by May.A search for trucking companies, a few emails to our broker Kent Little in Kemah, and calls to boat yards here and in Kemah to make plans for de-commissioning and re-commissioning. The pleasant warmer weather made all the difference. 
As I write this we have evolved well into May and it seems Wand'rin Star is destined to return to the PNW. A contract with a Texas Trucker has been finalized we are just waiting on a date from the Trucker which is sometimes first of July. I will be heading down Early June to get preliminary de-commissioning completed and make arrangements with a rigger and boat yard for the work. May has also brought news of a new family member arriving around November 22. This baby girl will be our third granddaughter and the second child for our Seattle family. Just as we were starting to wind down our grand-parenting it has all started back up again.

May teased us with a early week of summer like Seattle weather, all sun and 80-89 degree temps, but the spring returned to normal with highs 65-low 70's and spotty rain. Just as I am about to go to Kemah I get a call from a broker and someone is interested in Wand'rin Star. I'm trying to be patient but it is hard since so much time has been spent already planning to have the boat moved here. Going to Texas anyway and what will be will be.

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