Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A Full Sun Day

After another record month of rain we were more than ready for a full day of sun. Seeing how nice it was outside looking East at the Cascades with morning java we planned our day. Last year we missed the prime time to see the Cherry Blossoms at the University of Washington, 

The Link light Rail was extended to the University of Washington from Westlake Center so we took the monorail down to Westlake Center. Unfortunately we were two days early for the grand opening so we had to back track and go get the car.

The Quad cherry trees were moved from a location near the Montlake Bridge and planted in 1962 when they were already more than 20 years old. The trees, now over 80 years old, hopefully will make it to a century, Shores said.

The Quad was full of people enjoying a sunny day.

We caught the very end of the blossoms last year, they were still impressive but not like thsi.

If you see Zen Buddhist then you know your in a good spot.

A short walk through campus gets you to Lake Washington.

A better view of the Cascadees from here.

Mount Si to the left, when we got home there was a story on the news about 4 female hikers who were lost on Mt. Si ansd had a bear encounter.

Univ of Washington has lots of sailboats, kyaks, canoes for students to enjoy on Lake Washington.

Driving home on I5 we get a better view of Rainier without the port cranes obstructing the view.

We passed a couple of wrecks on I5 and had to wonder if the drivers were distracted by the view.

We continued our Sun Day at the Seattle Art Museum Sculpture Garden just two blocks from our Condo.

The snow pack is all the way down to the lower elevations. Where is gets dark is the tree line so you can't see the dense snow through the woods. It is the lowest elevation since we have been in Seattle.

These twin peaks are called The Brothers

This Stainless Steel tree is finally shining in the sun.

We stayed all the way through the Sunset to finish of the day.

The days are getting longer.

Even after the sun disapears below the Olympics, Rainer still has plenty of sunshine on the NorthWest side.
Has to be a Killer sunset from the top of Rainer.

Sunset sails can't get better.

Good Evening

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  1. Spectacular day in Seattle. Thank you for sharing your experiences.