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February 2016 in Seattle

Some restoration work going on at the CWB

Later I saw a crew of 5-6 people restoring the paint on this Totem pole

An unusual Palm Tree sighting in the PNW!
The Admiral accompanied me this year to the Seattle Boat Show. We did see one vessel that was interesting to us at the Lake Union portion of the boat show, a Helmsman 38 trawler.

It was Thursday, free museum day in Seattle so walked over to the Wing Luke Museum in the International District 

You can create your own piece of art here.

The building is a big piece of the Asian history in Seattle. Asains coming to America for work often lived in hotels like this 

Openings in the roof provided a tunnel of light for the interior spaces.

Very small rooms that could have housed a whole family.

After s few fires in the International district, Fire doors were added to increase safety. The metal on the wood door is flattened cans.

The Year of the Monkey...Watch Out!

If you take the tour you get to see the new addition to the museum which is just next door. The owner dedicated his life long shop. The Yick Fung Company is where everyone bought whatever they needed to survive. 

Everything was left in place just as it was many years ago.

the only upgrade is a color monitor placed in the old Black and white TV cabinet.

Seattle Times article about the store:

Our tour guide explained that the Asian Immigrants organized Family Associations by their last name and whenever an immigrant came to Seattle they could just look for the association that had their last name. The association would take them in and help them find work and get established. This is where this family association would meet and make decisions.

And play games

Looking out the window he showed us another family association marked by a decorated balcony and flags. This way a newcomer could easily find their place.

Had to wonder how long and how many persons it took to carve this table.

The people at the desk in the Museum suggested Szechuan Noodle Bowl for Lunch. We would have never walked in here without the recommendation.

The resturant was mostly empty except for two cooks who were busy preparing for the dinner crowd

I asked the Admiral to take some notes.

Yumm, bamboo shoots!

This door way leads to August Wilson's way. It is on the Southwest Corner of the Seattle Repertory Theater at Seattle Center

Celebrating a fine sun day by grilling out on the little patio and taking some more fine sunset shots.

A few stars and a crescent moon is seen through the clouds.

With Record amounts of rain in Seattle you just gotta get out and throw some rocks.

We decided to go back to Bremerton for a day since the first time we were there everything was closed since it was Christmas Day

Always interesting watching the huge container ships being tugged into the Port of Settle, Little did I know that I would actually find myself on the newest and largest of container ships meeting the Captain a month later.

During WWII Bremerton had over 30,000 people employed at the navel ship yards here.

The Lone Sailor Poem:

El Primero
El Primero was a steam yacht built in 1893. This vessel was once considered one of the most luxurious yachts on the West Coast of the United States, and was one of the few steam yachts to be operated on Puget Sound. The yacht has since been converted to diesel, but it remained operational as of 2010.

And you can Buy it!

Another Oldie but Goodie for sale

Just check out Hansen Yachts, they have lots more like this one!

This old Battle Ship is always here in Bremerton and you can take a tour anytime.

I had to wonder what in the Hey! was this guy thinking when he bought this old wood tug boat? We asked a guy who was hosing off the docks. He said the owner had big plans for the vessel, he was going to rent kayaks from the deck and have a band play this summer from the upper deck.

The whole exterior looks like this. 

This is a huge old tug, over 80' long, What was he thinking about???  Sure wished he had been on the boat so I could have talked to him

Here is the smallest version of a PNW work boat, even this would be many years in the restoration process!

Ahh, this time the Museum was open and Free!

Beginning in 1891, the ship yard has been in continuous service ever since

This is sort of a flight simulation, you can sit in the cockpit seats and watch a video of taking off and land from the pilots point of view off the deck of a carrier.

Every town has a Craft Ale Brewery
This one is Lovecraft Brewery:

I had the

The Carlisle II, The 143-passenger ferry sails between Port Orchard and Bremerton during rush hours

We heard the Nimitz Carrier was in for repairs but this is all we could see of the ship.

You still see tugs towing huge Log Booms through the sound. Read this for some interesting facts:

Holy Cow, We have never seen the tide this high along the waterfront, it is particularly noticeable here at Bell Harbor Marina where the docks are approaching the tops of the concrete pilings that hold them in place. I can only assume that the record rains bringing  lots of fresh water into the sound through all the rivers contributed to this. Yesterday 3/2, I drove by the marina and the water was even higher than this picture.
Next Day Update: I stopped by to talk to the Harbor Master today and he said this is normal for winter tides, that the water will get about two feet above what you see in this picture. We have just not witnessed it at this location before.

The tide predictions do not help explain.

Rains come and go in February constantly with short sun breaks in between.

February 2016 in Seattle

Since I was in Texas for all of December and the first 9 days of January, I evidently missed the coldest weather of this years winter season. Record rains for the PNW were reached in mid February, leaving the rest of 2016 to set yet another possible record for the year. The good part is this year it is cold enough in the higher elevations for snow and lots of it creating plenty of snow pack keeping the rivers running high all summer long. Spring of course started about 5 weeks early since Saturday March 19 is the official start of spring here.
We found a day when the rain would at least be light and rode the ferry over to Bremerton. The Navel Museum there is worth the visit and it is Always free. We walked about the marina and there is a brokerage there that specializes in vintage yachts. So there are several really large vessels  there for sale that would require untold sums of money to restore to seaworthy condition. I checked out one of the vessels on Yachtworld and it appears someone tried to restore the vessel but for some reason stopped his efforts part way through and it is up for sale again. If the project kicked one guy in the rear then why would anyone want to start a new campaign? I'm thinking I might should go into the boat restoration business. I know I could do it cheaper than anyone else and if someone else is paying the bill till they run out of money what a great game that would be.
The Admiral discovered for me a craft brewery in walking distance but it opened at 2pm. We needed to sit for a bit so we stopped at the Fraiche Cup for some tea, then a short walk through their artsy street to the Lovecraft Brewery. I ordered an USS Eldridge Session IPA. I have had the pleasure to taste many different PNW IPA's but this one was distinctively different, fortunately the brewer was behind the bar serving us. I asked him about the unique taste. He used a hop variety I had not heard of before. I wished I had the time to drink a second but our ferry was waiting for the return trip. Sometimes one glass of one of these craft brews is just not enough to determine if you like it or not, you have to give the ale time to sit in on your taste buds so a second is really necessary!

In the 2.5 years we have lived in Settle we have experienced the driest winter in its known weather history and the wettest, all in a very short span of time.

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