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December 2015 Kemah, Ft.Worth, Austin, Seattle

Finally have the last load in the 5' X 5' Storage  unit. I came back several times to get stuff I needed to complete small projects.
After successfully getting all the stuff off the boat I took a break and  took time out to visit very good friends in Kerrvill, Greg and Katy who are sailing buddies from Canyon Lake and beyond.

Texas Hill Country can be incredibly beautiful, especially when the drought ends!

The Guadalupe River runs a long way.

On the way back I stopped off in Bergheim, TX to celebrate a old sailor friend on his birthday. A real Texas Birthday Party with Bob and Barb and their Hill Country friends.. 

Shuffle Board and Beer

Returning to Kemah I decided to just kick back and go slow, I just drove 70. Usually I am leading the pack....

I was the slowest vehicle on IH 10, every single vehicle blew by me including the 18 wheelers and old ladies in their Crown Victoria's

Waterford Harbour Marina Hosted a fine Christmas Dinner complete with free drinks for all their tenets.

Living aboard short term on a brokerage dock is a whole new chapter!

This boat came in just to get Fumigated. I have only seen this occur 1 other time in Florida. Termites get in the boat, then they enclose the boat in big tarps.

They pump in the Gas and two days later they take the tarp off and put big fans on the boat to air it out.

Luis is a Master at making boats Shine

I have rubbed every spot on this vessels many times over but I never matched His skills in making a boat shine.

Perhaps you can just see the shine on the stern, the entire boat looks as if it just had a fresh paint job, absolutely incredible

This guy and I have a understanding.

I am sure there is an old Robert Redford Movie when he and his compadres were Rum runners and sailed a Hinckley Bermuda 40 just like this one, except with a Red painted Hull.

Pricey for A 1969, BUT I think she is worth it.

A Pacific Seacraft Flica 20' This delivery Captain lives on the boat with his two small dogs!

This one belongs in Puget Sound a 37' Slocum.


Who knew Beneteau built a Pilot House?

This is a rare boat for sure.

Pacific voyager has done just that, Barry and Pat sailed her all over the Pacific from Hawaii, to Mexico, and Vancouver Island now just thee slips down . They too are parting with their home of 12 years.

I love Dana 24's awesome sailing vessels.

I thought about just sailing this one back to Seattle. Pacific Seacraft 37' could fill the bill. A couple just bought her and sailed her away 2 days ago.

One of our great Cruising friends are at the end of their Cruising lives and have their voyager of over 10 years here for sale.

Anywhere but just not on my Solar Panels Dude!

That's OK with me.

Excellent Happy Hours with Pat and Randy 

I really was fortunate with lots of sunny warm days and great friends to share the end of each day with.

The $1300 wax job is finished. You have to be here to see the result, Luis has restored Wand'rin Store to all her glory on the exterior and I have done the same on the interior. It took us both 6 days to get the job done.

Waterloo records in Austin has long been a Meca for those who still buy CD's and Vinyl.

Our 16 yr old granddaughter had a few titles on her wish list, We were VERY Lucky to find what she wanted on Vinyl.

There were at least 3 times more people looking for vinyl records than CD's at Waterloo! Sometimes things return to a better sound.

We enjoyed the lights in Northwest Austin.

A trip to Ft. Worth to visit the Great Grandfather Big Dave was Awesome.

Normal Austin Christmas

The Best Christmas in a long time hosted by our Sons family.

The austin Family keeps Growing.

A Tom and Jerry video was Hilarious.
Merry Christmas and Happy 2016 to All!

On the Admirals return to Seattle they had a 5 day forecast of no rain and all sun, meanwhile on my return to Kemah we had 5 days of overcast and drizzly rain. Talk about changing places?

December 2015 Kemah, Ft.Worth, Austin, Seattle

I took a break from getting Wand'rin Star ready to sell and met the entire Seattle family in Austin for one of the best Christmas' ever.  We drove up to Ft.Worth with the Seattle Family to visit Drew's Great Grandfather Big Dave. A fun time in Cow Town. Next our sons family hosted a great New Years Eve Dinner for the entire Seattle and Austin families. Just an Awesome time! Then Christmas day we re-convened at Richard and Karen's home for a true Texas Home Cooked Christmas Dinner. Everyone I talked to later and asked about their Christmas, they also reported one of the best ever. Something definitely special about closing 2015 with lots of family love. It certainly set the stage  for a lot of positive expectations for 2016!

Then it was time to return to Kemah and complete the boat chores in getting her ready for new owners.
Selling your voyaging home is definitely the strangest part of boat ownership. After off loading enough stuff to rise the water line 4" you go to work cleaning and shining every detail. Then finish all those not yet complete projects. As the boat is readied you witness strangers begin to walk through your years of pride and Judge her. As Endeavour 42's go I can certify there are non better afloat anywhere.The problem is I have to trust a team of brokers to communicate this to prospective buyers. I feel like I should be there to help get this done but I am required to just get out of the way. No one knows this boat like we do and I want those giving Wand'rin Star consideration to know how dedicated we were to her purpose and we spared no expense or labor.
One bit at a time we just had to let go. Everything being a means to an end she now serves to find our way to our most perfect Pacific Northwest Voyager. I feel certain she knows that now and is looking forward to those who will take her to new destinations. If the future owner of Wand'rin Star just happens to read this, just know she likes to go. So If you are the one to buy this vessel,  untie the lines quickly and guide her through the water, any water will do,  as long as she is moving her spirit will protect you.
You can view the full specifications at

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