Friday, June 12, 2015

The Two Hour 21' Duffy Electric Boat Charter

This is our 21' Duffy charter "QUIESCENT"

The Mighty Helm

Finally get to check out a Electric Boat.

Sailing Buddy Brian the Retired Meteorologist and his Admiral Ann,
their home is in Winter Park Colorado but they are finding ways to max their time n Seattle. Ann Went to Austin High....small world for sure. 

This is the largest ship I have seen so far East of the locks, I am sure it is a tight squeeze.

One of the main Reasons for renting the Electric Boat was to have a chance to travel to boat to Portage Bay and see it by water. A few house boats on the right, I was trying to find the one with a seaplane parked on the aft dock.

University of Washington and the Seattle Yacht Club ahead.

Of Course the Seattle Yacht Club would have a Tug Boat.

Thought we would just meander on in and check out the marina and club facilities.

Not seeing any empty slips for Wand'rin Star.

All types of vessels old and new here,

Looks like they are already serving Dinner up there.

Thanks, but we can't stay, it's just a 2 hour charter!

A little sailboat racing going on just outside the Yachtclub marina.

Rowers were everywhere today.

Steaming on Lake Union by Gas Works Park on our way down the Lake Washington Ship Channel West bound towards the locks.

Downtown to the South.

The George Washington Bridge.

That big building on the right is the Lake Washington Rowing Club. 

Passing under the Freemont Bridge

Continuing West toward the Ballard Bridge and the Locks.

Huge Foss Tug Boat Yard here.

Follow the Sunset to the Ballard Bridge.

The John M Cobb, I think it is over here getting it's engine refurbished.

Time to turn around at the Ballard Bridge

A small row of house boats wedged in between the big commercial ships.

Lots of Team Rowers out ahead.

Look, someone painted the exterior of the house boat used in the movie Sleepless In Seattle
I liked the old colors better.


 The Two Hour 21' Duffy Electric Boat Charter


I see these Duffy electric boats out on Lake Union all the time. I have been wanting to rent one so I could go into Portage Bay and West down the Washington ship canal over by the locks. We are not allowed to take the CWB boats beyond the I-5 or the George Washington Bridges. Also we have not made to many adult friends as a couple so I thought I might be able to invite one or more of my sailing friends and their wife so the Admiral could meet them. The vessel seats 10 so I told my daughter to invite some friends and we could all enjoy the trip with Big "D" on board as well. Well inviting some millennials along is like herding cats, the date keeps changing and the expiration date on the Groupon os looming. Finally we get a date, and we all arrive at the Electric Boat Company. Unfortunately Big" D" was not so sure he wanted to board the little vessel so the mom carries on with her friends to MOHI. Brain and Ann jumped aboard and I pushed the little throttle on the helm forward and we silently slipped away out into Lake Union.
I explained to Brain and Ann that I wanted to spend the time going into Portage Bay and then back over down the Channel toward the locks, they were game for it so we headed East across the North end of Lake Union and  under the noisy I-5 bridge to Portage Bay. Lots of Rowing teams out on a beautiful afternoon. We cruised down the South side of the Bay checking out the boat houses and I was looking for the sea plane that I saw taxi through Montlake Cut several months ago, I figured must be docked at one of the boat houses, not found.
Soon we were at the Seattle Yacht Club docks so we invited ourselves in for a quick cruise through their marina. it was fun seeing the many old and new yachts of every type plus get a quick on the water tour of this historic Seattle organization. Sorry, we did not have time to stay for dinner, had to press on. As we exited we had to dodge a small sailboat race then turned West to head back across Lake Union towards the Ballard Locks. Just at the foot of of the Washington bridge as you are entering the canal is the Lake Washington Rowers Club. This is another Historical boating club in Seattle history and the team rowing was much thicker around here.  The little electric boat was managing 5-6 knots according to the chartplotter on my Iphone, but some of the rowing teams passed us by. I want to do this trip again but next time by kayak so we can get in closer to some of the very interesting commercial shipping and other interesting mariner facilities along the way. My have to get a GoPro for that trip.

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