Wednesday, May 6, 2015

April in Seattle to Texas

We have been to a couple of events at the Nordic heritage Museum but never toured the exhibits so we took advantage of the First Thursday free admission. 

 This is a early pic of Ballard Boat Works near Lake Union on the ship channel. Three floors of exhibits and the third floor is spit up into five rooms representing the 5 Scandinavian countries who's peoples immigrated to the PNW and made significant contributions to the forestry, shipping, boat building, fishing industry, and of course the baking industry.

Made our second visit to our favorite Restaurant, the Palisades

Great timing for Salmon and Halibut as the Alaskan fishing fleet has returned to Seattle.

No need to rush here.

Enjoyed a little Irish music at the Irish Festival

Finally made a trip over to the Arboretum

Wow, we had heard about a tree getting hit by a recent Lightening strike, it blew a huge tree to toothpicks

The month has been very interesting teaching sailing in the spring weather patterns, the students got their moneys worth for sure!

Always looking for new ways to teach Points of sil, ran across this somewhere.

First Big event in Texas at the Alamo Dome in San Antonio, Got to tag along on my son's Business meeting at Mi Tierra I Always get Georges Special, A Carta Blanca, and a side order of Jalapenos! Then then to see the USA Mens' National team play a friendly against Mexico

Lots of Chanting and Partying pregame

The crowd is already getting loud during the pre-game warm up, Just looking at the colors it seems the capacity attendance of over 60,000 is 50% USA fans and 50% Mexico fans. The back and forth chanting is getting intense!

USA...USA...USA 2-0 over Mexico!

We always get the whole Austin Clan together when we visit Texas, this time we had a special moment with our Nephew Zack who just tuned 40, our Granddaughter Liv lighting it UP!

Calm Down

That's Better!

Yeah Buddy, But we are Missing Brother Dave and Josh's wife Kelsey.

Had a few rocky nights on the boat in Corpus, 

Saturday we thought we might escape the storms on corpus Bay long enough to watch the Blue Angels perform at the Navel Air Station, but the Weather did not cooperate, we had to get our anchor up and make a run for the Marina!
But Sunday turned out nice and thanks to Brenda Hiler for recommending crew Kevin Herbein! We had a great time especially since Kevin new a lot of details about all the various aircraft.

I was sleeping just fine till the winds piped up to 40+ and that 57 mph thing had me wondering what the strange noises were.

I can not believe they brought this thing to Corpus Christi. They brought it from Port A over to help kick off Buccaneer Days festival.

Bunch of wanna be Pirates on Board Kidnapped Corpus Christi Mayor Nelda Martinez

They make her walk the Plank

Is anybody gonna save this Mayor?

The Safety boat was way out of position, I do not even think they new she was already in the water.

The most dangerous part is when the saftey boat came to her rescue and nearly ran her over by backing up to her props first!

Cheated Death One More Time!

The replica Nina was on display as well.

What do you do when you can't get tickets to the Seattle Production of All The Way? Just wait till your brother directs the production at Zachary Scott in Austin. Besides there are certain perks like meeting Lyndon Face to Face!

The Set of All the Way

We learned to sweat again as we completed our bi-annual tree and shrub clipping at Brookdale, Thak God! for Humberto who is our neighbors gardener. The three of us make quick work of it.

The Drought has killed all the Ivy so we just mulched it all, ...60 Bags!

April in Seattle to Texas

I planned a week in Texas to make a doctors visit and go check on Wand'rin Star. Then my daughter decided it would be a good time for her family to make a visit as well so we all came to Texas for two weeks. The best part is our 19 month old grandson gets to see all his Texas family from the Great ones on Fort Worth to all the uncles, aunts, and cousins in Austin. A week is never enough anyway, this gave us all the time we needed to take care of all things Texas and have a great family visit from Corpus all the way through Austin and up to Fort Worth. We were surprised to be met with more rain than in just a few days than we had experienced the whole month in Seattle but things were pretty green, just hope it continues and fills up the lakes. It would be nice if the drought ended for sure.
The Highlights included a big family party for our Nephew Zach for his 40th birthday, going to San Antonio for the USA vs Mexico Soccer match, getting to see Brother Daves' latest Production at Zachary Scott "All The Way" and The Blue Angels Show at the Corpus Christi Navel Air Station see

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