Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ferry waiting on San Juan Island

The Admiral begins her Christmas shopping here

Everywhere on San Juan Island is beautiful, it's obvious the Alpaca are well cared for.

They take the Alpaca to livestock shows so they get all fluffed up.

The Winner

The Trophy wall.

Had to stop for a bottle of Mona Vino!

The vineyard.

The winery

The successful Christmas Shopper

The tasting Room

Just a remiinder.

At first we thought these might be Snow Geese.

Great timing, The International Ferry.

The Cascades full of snow.

Looking North at the Canadian Cascades.
Ferry waiting on San Juan Island

Your last day on any of the San Juans are primarily determined by the ferry schedule. On the off season you usually do not have to be concerned about getting to the ferry que but Holidays are just like the High Season and you need to be in line at least 1.5 hours before the scheduled departure time. There were two sailings posted on the State Ferry website from Friday Harbor to Anacortes but there was a rumor of an additional sailing added to the schedule. Even with the help of the locals we could not determine the time of the special sailing. So we chose the 2:45 International Ferry that comes over from Vancouver Island (Canada). It meant we would spend an additional 30 minutes or so in the customs line at Anacortes but it would get us back to Seattle at a reasonable time.
Top on the Admirals to do list was to visit the Krystal Acres Alpaca Farm and store to pick up some Christmas gifts for our Granddaughters in Austin, TX. After another fine breakfast prepared by Greg at the Hillside B&B we got to the Alpaca farm just as they opened. The Country Store there sold all sorts of Alpaca wear and we learned alpaca is 5 times the warmth of wool. It is certainly much softer for sure. The Admiral had come prepared with pre approved pictures of exactly what the girls wanted and that made it easy for the store clerk to help find the right gift. We've seen a lot of picturesque farms but this one wins the Blue Ribbon. see
Fortunately we had just enough time to visit the only vineyard on the Island and buy a bottle of Mona Vino before heading off to get in the Que for the Ferry.

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