Monday, May 26, 2014

The Admiral at Cama Beach

Right away this old 1 cylinder portable Saw caught my attention, it is on display just as you enter the Cama Beach State Park:

Saws a pretty big log1

The Admirals dad collected at least 100 of these old 1 cylinder engines with the huge flywheels years ago, he had a great time restoring them and getting them all in running condition, then he sold them all.

After you park is is a a small hike down to the beach.

After we got down to the beach a Eagle flew by and was somewhere in the woods above us.

The Admiral spotted him.

Not easy when the forest is so thick you can just see bits of sky through the canopy.

We walked down to the North end hoping to be able to continue on around to the next point but this sign said NO!

Looking down the beach we could just see two recent slide areas way down there.

This is why the earth is getting flatter. Wind and Rain erosion eventually wears away and it all succumbs to the sea. Be careful buying water front property around here!

It was a nice strole back to the South end 

Tulips opened wide.

The kids were having fun building this structure out of all the dift wood

When the winds come out of the Northwest and at high tide the waters can top the little seawall.

Climbing over the drift wood was not in the Admirals plan so we stopped our South walk here.

The Victoia Clipper Zooming back to Seattle this is our favorite Whale Watch ride

Obviously a flood tide

We read about this whale watch tour, if you do not get to sit in the front two rows it can be a wild ride!

You probably have to be a local to know what this is.....Do you recognize it Johnny?

Little Daisy looking flowers everwhere

Trying to find some more birds but it is not easy in all this really tall forest.

Nice Trails for the Admiral.

As we were departing Camino Island we saw this view of Mt. Baker, I was sure as we neared I-5 we would get a better view for great pics, but we never got that view on our route back.

The Admiral at Cama Beach

The Admiral decided after my report on Cama Beach that it just might be a worthwhile trip, especially since we could stay there overnight for free if we choose to on a weekend that we could get away. The deal is if you volunteer 4 ours on Sat. and 4 hours on Sunday you get free overnight lodging in one of the Cama Beach cabins. Back in Mid April it sounded attractive enough to her I guess to at least come check out the accommodations.

I had previously made the trip up myself to complete a volunteer orientation so I would be qualified to work there. The logistics are a bit of work for us to coordinate with our daughters family's schedule to take a full weekend away but with a little notice it always works out.The little cabins are a bit Sparten but they have heat and running water. You have to use the camp showers and put quarters in to get hot water but this is one of those places where a lot of people come to every season to  enjoy this great State Park and the water activities through the Cama Beach Center for Wooden Boats.

We got to use our Discover Pass for the second time, it cost $30 for unlimited access to Washington Sate Parks. The daily entry fee is $10 so it is a deal to just buy the annual pass:

I know there are a lot of these special places scattered through out the Pacific Northwest and feel lucky to get to visit this one while we are up here. The big goal is to do a three day trip from Seattle-Tacoma-Gig Harbor- up Hwy 3  to Hwy 101 through the Olympics and the Olympic Peninsula and back South down the Pacific Coast to Grays Harbor and then back to Seattle. The pass can soon pay for itself!

I think the Admiral could go Sparten for a return weekend  to Cama Beach but then we would have to turn down a new special place to visit. As for as volunteering here that seems distant but it could happen.

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