Monday, March 31, 2014


We had a few hours to spend so I suggested we drive over to West Seattle to check out Schmitz Preserve. We learned about the park from the Naturalist aboard the Argosy Cruise to Blake Island

I asked her if she was gonna take the High Road or the Low road? She took the low road and we came back on the High Road!

Very quiet, meditative. The city sounds are not present, just the forest sounds.

We were here

We have learned about Nurse Logs from the exhibit at the Seattle Sculpture Gardens

Thick moss on the trunks

Some thicker than others

You can here this at 

We heard about the park when we did our trip to Blake Island from the naturalist aboard the Argosy Goodtimes II. She said it was the only Old Growth forest in Seattle meaning the only area that had not been logged over the last 200 years.

"Schmitz Preserve Park is a 53 acre park on Alki Point in West Seattle... the park has remained essentially unchanged since 1908, and contains the largest old growth forest in Seattle." from 

It is amazing how just a few steps into this forest the city sounds disappear and only forest sounds remain. It is really a step back in time to the early days of Seattle when Logging was the primary industry and the pioneers formed bonds with the native indians to learn how to survive in this environment through the winters. Definitely worth the visit if you have the time.

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