Friday, December 27, 2013

Seattle Free Walking Tours

Our tour Guide Jake...He loves his City!

The Owner of the pickle shop explaining the health benefits of  Pickle shots lined up

Pickle Brine Shots! they explained you need a shot at least every few days to keep the digestive system in good health.

Pikes Famous Fish Market, we are getting a personal tour

She didn't really volunteer to catch the fish but she caught it!

It comes and goes

The beginning 

The thick of it

Off to the Pikes Brewery tour

Should have brought the truck

She is the most knowledgeable Brewery tour guide in Seattle for sure!

Can't do it without the Hops!

Plenty of Malts
This is the machine that fills the Kegs

22 Oz. Bombers are very popular in the PNW

These Manhole covers/maps of Central Seattle are all over to help you find your location

Chief Seattle

Some interesting history regarding the old Seattle buildings

The Old and new defining Seattle today

I hope to get back to this pub for sure.

This is a experienced  Ivor's Vulture

Planing a day trip to Bainbridge Island on the Ferry

Time for a late lunch!

Chorizo and crab, oysters?...Yeah Buddy!

No words

Seattle Free Walking Tours

The first Free Walking tour we did was the Seattle Center one, we liked Jake and the tour so much we decided to do his other two, the Seattle 101 and the Pikes Market tour. All three tours gave great insights in how to enjoy Seattle's Best. I am not sure after living in Austin for over 35 years that we know as much about Austin as we learned from Jake in his three tours around Seattle. The West Coast is very young since it was the last to be settled and so the way the City has evolved in the last couple hundred years to the High Tech world happened much faster than the old world of the several hundred year old Eastern Seaboard.
Jake has something for every age in his walking tours and I guess that is why he gets such high reviews on Yelp. Either way he feels passionate about his City and he shares all that with anyone willing to listen. If you come to Seattle pick your tour but be sure to walk up front and ask all the questions that come to mind along the way.  You will get a custom tour that will have lots to look forward to as you try and check the best parts of the City off your list of things to do.

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