Saturday, August 17, 2013

To Ontario Oregon via Twin Falls and the Snake River Canyon

The Climb up was elusive.....we went down for a very long time.

Our Friend Jim mentioned Twin Falls, Idaho so we took the Exit, as we crossed the Hansen Bridge I stopped in the center  of this two lane to see the incredible view. I do not think this is a good thing to do as the local truckers are not impressed. 

Bet it was a big job just getting the first Cable across.

At first I thought we were seeing Eagles, but there were several Hawks cruising the cliffs

Travel by Kayak here

Need some wall climbing shoes for this

They had a great observation area to get some fine pics

This is looking SE from the Thousand Springs Hwy 30 bridge

Engineering Lesson

viewing NW from the bridge

The Canyon is huge formed by long ago floods

I could not believe I missed seeing the jumpers as I was taking pics of the area, but wait, there are more up there!

The Admiral got these fine pics of the jumpers

More than 1 way to get er done!

That little blue square is the open chute

Looks Easy Huh?

You can just see the blue chute and the shadow in the water below

Cheated Death 1 more time!

There were two of these falls on the South Bank, I wondered if these were the Twin Falls?

There were wind farms in every state but the father you go West the bigger they are. 

A 6% grade looks more like a 50%

You just keep going Down

A bit of relief  for the brakes

The Oregon trail continues with the infamous railway to the West

We pulled over to view the Devils Slide. It was a grand thing to see as we were driving down the mountain side but impossible to view up close.

Finally arriving in the valley near Ontario, 1 more small mountain range and then the Cascades and Snoqualmie Pass drive through tomorrow.

Besides the never ending beautiful (thankful for all the good weather for this trip) vistas, The Snake River Canyon at Twin Falls Idaho had to be one of the most awesome parts of this trip. Our good friend Jim mentioned Twin Falls as a worthwhile side trip. Of course Twin Falls has some notoriety in folk lore so just the name makes you want to stop and see. We entered over the Hansen Bridge and this is definitely the way to arrive at Twin Falls. I stopped right in the center of the two lane bridge as the views were spectacular. I asked the Admiral to get here camera put fast and take a pic, but a trucker was coming up from behind and he did not look like he was in any mood to slow down, I Goosed it and tried to keep from irritating the trucker, but I think I did anyway. We quickly pulled into the observation area on the other side thankful we were not road kill. We spent some time there as we did not know if we would see the Snake River again, but we pretty much followed the river all the way to Ontario, Oregon.
This area is heavy agriculture ever since one guy learned how to get the water out of the snake river and pumped to irrigate the land on both sides. A lot of people owe their existence to the Snake River...what a Gem! We drove into Twin Falls in Search of a restaurant noted in the tour guides where you could get some Indian Tacos. The address that was in the guide did not lead us to Taco's but we did see a little strip mall. A little disappointed we drove on hoping to maybe find the Twin Falls. We drove across the Hwy 30 Thousand Springs bridge on the way out of Twin Falls. I saw several people walking out on the bridge and they had chutes and helmets on. I told the Admiral..."Look, those people are gonna Jump!" There was a place to pull over on the other side and a trail to a observation area. I looked up on the bridge and thought it might take them some time to prepare to jump so I got lost in taking pics of the area.  The Admiral took her camera the opposite direction. After about 15 minutes I walked back to the other side to see what the she was doing and she asked if I saw the two people jump. What? I missed it? I looked up on the bridge and could still see a few heads up there so I zoomed in and fortunately a few more were getting ready to jump. I got to see three more jumps and I am telling you it makes your Heart race just to witness this. The last guy did two full somersaults before opening his chute...that guy definitely Cheated Death!
Our friend Randy asked where we would be staying and when we told him Ontario he grinned and said "there is nothing there!" Well there was a hotel there where we could use our points and get another free nights stay.........

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