Saturday, February 9, 2013

What is the Best Boat to Own for Cruising?

A: The Boat you Own

This is a 19'-6" or otherwise known as a 20' SeaQuest Lee From Kentucky bought this beauty for just $400!  And it had a trailer  He paid another $500 for the 50 HP outboard which worked perfectly till he got to Marathon. He trailered the boat here and when his engine would not work he bought a 15 HP kicker to get around with. It has a nice Cuddy cabin and he is liven the Marathon Life for around $1000. He already owned his dingy/Kayak. He says he has his eye on a 26' for next time since it has more room. 

Had to include this Diesel Duck trawler. Got to see one up close in Poulsbo, WA where one like it was slipped next to Wand'rin Star.

I think this is a older Pacific Seacraft 37' Crealock. Lots of these have Circumnavigated the planet. 

41' Tarten, Bob sailed this here from Rockport, TX

65' Fleming Valkyrie, Check out his Tender tide up next to it. They tow this little dingy with them even though there is a 16' smaller tender on the deck just below the fly-bridge  This is Valery and Ray who are frequent visitors to Marathon during the High season. when they arrive the pace picks up. They are both excellent musicians. Ray on Keyboard, guitar, banjo, Valery with great vocals. They could easily play thew Elephant Room in Austin, Tx. 

Need a heavy duty towing bridle rig to tow this dingy around!

We talked to this couple from Ontario Canada. They have never owned a vessel before. They decided they wanted to buy a boat and go cruising so they started looking for a sailboat around 36-37'. Well, they said, we found this 47' Steel Ketch that was just to good a deal to pass up! Then they took a three day sailing course and three weeks later they took off! Well they made it to Marathon and they just said they learned on the way!. They plan to go to the Bahamas next. Those Canadians are tough!

I spent a lot of time sailing with Dr. Ken aboard his 24' pacific Seacraft Dana. These are great sailing vessels and some have crossed the Atlantic!

This is one of our neighbors aboard this 26'  sailing vessel. Check out his dingy below, I think it qualifies as the smallest inflatable dingy in the World!

A dingy this size can fit on any other vessel.

This is Rocco's Morgan 41 Classic, they were built in Florida right next to the Endeavour 's in Pinellas county Florida, near St. Pete! He and his trusty dog "Gator" have cruised Florida and the Bahamas in comfort. 

This would be my Motor Vessel if I ever stop Sailing. first saw on in  Seattle, 37' Lord Nelson  Victory Tug. I think they are Awesome!

I have read several times in different sailing publications the statement that " The Best Boat to go Cruising on is the Boat you Own" But it never rang so true as when Bill Wilson, our dock neighbor in Corpus Christi said it out loud to me, they own a Morgan 33 Out Islander S/V "Breezin". Of course with around 300 boats moored in Boot Key Harbor, not counting all those in marina slips you get to see a of examples of this front and center. The coolest example is Lee who bought his 20' Seaquest for $400 complete with trailer and then added a 50 hp outboard for $500. He trailered his dreamboat to Marathon from Kentucky and he has been here enjoying the same life as the people who came aboard their 56' Fleming Trawler. He did it all  for around $1000! They say that the average size cruising vessel for a couple is 40' but I am telling you can  make anything work, I am witnessing it full blast right here right now.

January starts the High season here and that is when Valkyrie shows up. Valery and Ray are musicians and the party really gets going every Saturday night when they get out all their instruments and are joined by Gary Diamond, Ken, and any other musician who just happens to sail in. Usually there are 6-8 different ones who either perform solo or jam as a group. Gary Diamond would draw up to about 50 listeners but with the addition of Valkyrie and crew the attendance has jumped to 150-200.

Another thing that seems to hold people up from starting their cruising dreams is the constant effort to Get the Boat Ready To Go. Well, everyone here is doing some kind of work on their vessel preparing it for the next stage so the time to toss off the lines is now and you can get the rest done along the way.

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