Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October...Chaos Toward Orginization

Checkin off the list....plenty left to do

September was the calm before the storm....The Admiral & I were enjoying Port A and Corpus, completing perhaps 1 small project per day. Then October. October really began with a week in Austin to visit all our children, grand children, brother, sister...A great week of fun where being with the entire family was actually relaxing, fun, and memorable. Then back to the boat where preparations to depart heightened to incredible levels where everyday was spent checking off the list, writing new list, trying to determine what were the most important things to accomplish before departing since we knew we could not get it all done and would have to deal with the small stuff along the way. This transition #2 seemed to be just as big as getting out of Austin, but I knew it couldn't be all that. I had to stop and admire those that just sold everything moved immediately on the boat, spent 1 year getting ready to go, entirely focused on the dream, and took off. We accepted the distractions and found several things to take us away from just getting the boat ready to go. Birding, the Bay Yacht Club, Racing, go off on short cruising spots around Corpus Christi Bay. Of course we completed much needed work on Wand'rin Star during this time but the distractions persisted. After the mini family reunion I chaotically selected those projects from the list that I felt I could muster each day the last couple of weeks of October. This system now has many projects complete or in process and now I am able to actually organize the remaining list to those things I want to absolutely achieve before we wait Corpus. Little did I know that the last three months prior to departure would be among the most expensive.

The Admiral is up visiting her parents this week so I can tear into two areas without worry of keeping the interior in perfect living condition. After these two projects are complete, about 2 days worth I can begin to concentrate on planning the navigation to New Orleans and beyond. All of our electronics are now updated with charts, our new Ipad is ready to go with all the necessary apps for navigation, AIS, Marine info, weather, tides/currents...what a great back up device! There are few pics for this post as the LIST has been central to everyday in October. Thanks to our friends who have done this trip before us in providing things to do and not to do...and I am sure we will find plenty of those along the way. Oh I forgot to mention...I crewed for Apotheker again this year for the 2011 Harvest Moon Regatta....more on that in the next post. Thanksgiving weekend is our agreed upon departure date. Weather of course will determine the exact day....we will leave on the Heels of a front to get 3-4 days of good sailing in up front.

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