Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Great God Almighty, Great Balls of Fire!

This is the fuel tank after I coated it with 5 coats of Interlux 2000E 2 part Epoxy.

Wond'rin Star awaiting her new tanks.

Stash, the lead man for our project at Gatewoods getting ready to install the tanks.

Our favorite Whoopers on Goose Island. They are short timers here and will soon begin migrating back North.
A White Eyed Vireo....

We woke up Monday morning about 0800 and the Admiral was fussing that we woke up to late & I needed to call Gatewoods and see when we could bring the boat in to have the tanks installed, after all they told us it would be the week of the 14th. So I called Chris and he said we could bring it now or tomorrow but they would not get started on it till late Tuesday or Wednesday. We had already taken our truck over there just in case so we jumped into high gear and by 0915 we were departing our slip to Rockport. the forecast was for light winds but a front was supposed to begin passing through around 1400. I ran at 2000 RPM and we were doing about 6.4 knots so I knew we should make good time. As we entered the Shipping Channel I checked the tide and we were running against a incoming tide and we slowed to about 6 knots, as we neared Port A we were making just 4.9-5 knots but I knew as soon as we entered the channel leading to Gatewoods we would be running with the tide and we should make back most of our time, I was right, we turned the corner and our speed immediately picked up to 7.8-8 knots. The trip did take about 30 minutes longer than last time and we arrived in 5 hours at 1416 hours. the winds changed a bit to the east just after we tide up and dark clouds were looming. We still had a bit to do to get our stuff off the boat, the rigging loosened, and the Bimini off in preparation for the tanks to be installed. Just as we got the last of it done it began to rain. I stopped over at Gatwoods this afternoon to check on the progress and to take a couple of more pics. Stash, the lead man on the project had just gone to the boat to start the project. I had a chance to discuss some last minute details and concerns. The Admiral & I were lucky to find a room for the next 4 nights in Rockport since Spring Break is alive and well here and hotel rooms are far and few between. We will split our time between here and Port A staying close to Gatewoods so I can check on the progress. If all Goes well we will take Wand'rin Star back to Corpus with her new tanks full of fuel and water to Corpus on Friday or Saturday. I am sure the rest of March and the first 2 weeks of April will be spent just getting the forward AC unit, the plumbing, wiring, and flooring back to normal. There is another great cruise to Ingelside this weekend but it is one more we will have to miss, hopefully we will make the next one for sure. This morning we went to Goose Island to check on the local Whooping Crane family there. We stopped on the way back to our hotel at a small park in Rockport and sighted a White Eyed Vireo, our first one.

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