Saturday, August 14, 2010

Commanders Point

When Lynn & I was looking for a marina to put "Hey You" in we found Commanders Point at Lake Travis. We checked out several marinas, but we just liked the location and the funky feel of this great little marina located down the hill in a fjord that opened up to the basin area where the best sailing area on the lake was. We took a bottle of wine one late afternoon and sat on the deck above the Marina offfice to enjoy the sunsetting light and to confirm our thoughts about making this our marina. Paul the habor master/marina manager and a group of others were firing up a grill and having a seemingly great time down on the docks just in back of the marina office. We chatted a bit with them & declined thier offer to stay and eat with them, but we then knew it was the place for our new sailboat. We had 4 great years with the Buzzards of Commanders Point! There was Dr. Ken and his great Pacific Seacraft Dana 24,,great sailing and tons of fun aboard his "Star". Buzz and Terry on there 35' Pearson, they flew up to Seattle to help us sail Wand'rin Star from Poulsbo to Port Townsend and decommission the boat. The wierd Psychiratrist who had a neat Cape Dory 30 slipped next to us, Phillip & Sharon on their huge Hunter 45 always kept things interesting with the boat with the most bikini's. Great sunset sails on that boat. Jean Piere and Mary Jane on their Endeavour 35.5, great conversations and great Food! Ron and Jimmy Sue on their 33 Peason "Grand Rascal" Jimmy Sue kept it classy and Captain Ron was a Grand Rascal. Charlie & MaryAnn with Charlie's super Dry Humor that would have you laughing for days, they had a go fast boat that Cruised in Fair weather. Captain Mike who fished a 30' Irwin up from the bottom of the marina and rebuilt it.."5200" Endless source of great seafaring stories. Bill & Pam on their Islander 36 "Hydro Therapy" I would eventully make my first Gulf Crossing helping them take their Passport 42 "Wave Dancer" from Corpus to Pensacola...A whole nother story there. The elusive John & Teresa on "Spyglass" a Baba 30, one of the more interesting vessels in the marina. Jake & Jenny on "Honky Voodoo" a C30, Jake pulled out the engine and replaced it with a electric motor all designed and engineered by Jake. They became the guides to Corpus and led us to Bay Yacht Club where Jake was the Commodore at the time (and Jenny ran it I am sure). Paul the marina manager had "Papalote" a 39' C&S (it think).If it happened at Lake Travis, it happend on this boat. Rick, the dude from California on his Catalina 34' the guy who works more on his boat than sails know the type. This C34 has everything, if it does not have it you don't need it. That's cause this bost is getting prepped to sail the English coast! And last but not least for sure is Bill & Pat on the fastest Pearson 33' "Alchemy" n the state. Every evening on the KVUE evening news they showed the Oasis web cam of the sunsetting over the basin area. YOU could always see one or two sailboats sailing back and forth. Well those boats where either Bill, Me or both of us out siingle handing having a great time just being there. The attached video clip is of us chasing Bill & Pat across the basin area. (as soon as I find the clip I will post it)


  1. Glad to see that I made the list.... I'd write more but I have work to do on the boat...



  2. need to bring tat boat to is time for some real Texas Cruising!

  3. I'm getting close to making the jump. Some friends on FB keep telling me the same thing. Maybe next summer?